Beyond the Paywall: Examining Open Access and Data Sharing Practices Among Faculty at Virginia Tech Through the Lens of Social Exchange

“The movement towards open access has allowed academic researchers to communicate and share their scholarly content more widely by being freely available to Internet users. However, there are still issues of concern among faculty in regards to making their scholarly output open access. This study surveyed Virginia Tech faculty (N = 264) awareness and attitudes toward open access practices. In addition, faculty were asked to identify factors that inhibited or encouraged their participation in open access repositories. Findings indicate that while the majority of Virginia Tech faculty are seeking to publish in open access, many are unaware of the open access services provided by the university and even less are using the services available to them. Time, effort, and costs were identified as factors inhibiting open access and data sharing practices. Differences in awareness and attitudes towards open access were observed among faculty ranks and areas of research. Virginia Tech will need to increase faculty awareness of institutional open access repositories and maximize benefits over perceived costs if there is to be more faculty participation in open access practices.”


Virginia Tech researchers earn grant to study big data sharing and reuse | News | Virginia Tech

“Sharing, use, and reuse of data in a holistic manner across faculty, colleges, government, and industry is crucial for the community at large to be able to make sense of what is being gathered and to make good use of it as well,”

Community Manager, Center for Open Science

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Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communications and Publishing | VCU Libraries

“The Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries invites applications and nominations for the position of Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communications and Publishing. The successful candidate will provide innovative, creative leadership for a newly-created division of the VCU Libraries dedicated to advancing the university’s growing engagement with contemporary scholarly communications and scholarly publishing issues….”