The era of open citations and an update of tools- Citation Chaser, Wikicite addon for Zotero with citation graph support and more | Musings about librarianship

“In this blog post, I will report on some major progress I believe have been made in the push for open citations

Firstly, the recent announcement by Elsevier followed by ACS that they will finally support open citations is  pretty earthshaking news as they are among some of the biggest hold outs among publishers

Secondly, I continue to report on the emerging ecosystem of tools that are building upon open citations (from both publsher/Crossref derived sources and via other crawled sources).

Lastly, even if all major publishers pledge to support open citations, we will always have a lot of items that will not be available in Crossref with references either because the items are old, the publishers lack the resources to extract and deposit the references or the items are not given DOIs. …”

The French National Fund for Open Science supports OpenCitations | OpenCitations blog

“The French National Fund for Open Science (FNSO) has decided to support OpenCitations, PKP, and DOAB as part of SCOSS, the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services.

FNSO has identified OpenCitations as an infrastructure disseminating bibliographic and citation metadata in open access with a level of quality and coverage that provides a workable, free and open alternative to the academic community’s current dependency on proprietary tools, therefore freeing up possibilities for citation analysis, promoting the evolution of bibliometric indicators and broadening knowledge of science.

The FNSO is contributing € 250,000, which is 16.3% of the amount that was requested under SCOSS and is committing to a political and technical partnership with OpenCitations….”