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English Translation (Google): UAEMex national leader in Open Access

“Este día, el Consejo Universitario de la Máxima Casa de Cultura y Estudios de la entidad mexiquense aprobó por unanimidad el Reglamento de Acceso Abierto de la institución,  lo que significa que toda la comunidad universitaria tendrá acceso libre y sin restricción alguna a la información científica, académica y cultural.”

English Translation (Google): “Today, the University Council of the Leading Culture and Studies of the State of Mexico unanimously approved the Regulation on Open Access of the institution, which means that the entire university community will free and without restriction to the scientific, academic and cultural information access.”

Latest Article Alert from Acta Neuropathologica Communications

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Evaluation of the brain-penetrant microtubule-stabilizing agent, dictyostatin, in the PS19 tau transgenic mouse model of tauopathy
Makani V, Zhang B, Han H, Yao Y, Lassalas P, Lou K, Paterson I, Lee V, Trojanowski J, Ballatore C, Smith A, Brunden K
Acta Neuropathologica

A New Information Management Landscape: From Outside-In to Inside-Out | New Roles for the Road Ahead:

“While institutional repositories are now a routine feature of academic libraries, there is ongoing discussion about purpose and scope, incentives for researchers to deposit, and their role within ‘green’ open access. This is not the place for a full treatment, but a couple of points are worth making. First, while most repositories are home to versions of research papers, scope varies across institutions. For example, some repositories may take a ‘campus bibliography’ approach, including links to publisher splash pages. Some repositories may include other categories of material, institutional records or archival materials, for example. Given the lack of standard methods for designating material types and rights information this may make it difficult for an aggregator of repository content to distinguish scholarly material or to determine allowable actions. Second, there is a close connection between repositories and national education and science policy regimes, so the dynamic of development has been differently influenced in different regimes. For example, where there are national research assessment programs in place, institutional interest in repositories may be higher (MacColl, 2010). Shifts in US federal policy with regard to research funding and access to outcomes will have an impact here resulting in a more organized approach to research information management and disclosure….”

How fertility patients can make informed decisions on treatment | OUPblog

“This is why lay summaries of new research papers are a necessary development for fertility patients. Patients should be able to have open access not only to the papers themselves but also to a compact précis of what the new research means and why it may be relevant to them. This is hugely empowering to those who may feel they have lost control of what is happening to them as they have progressed through fertility tests and treatments….”

What do syllabi-based altmetrics actually mean? – Altmetric

” […] as the use of open educational resources continues to grow, we’re confident that syllabi mentions will become an increasingly useful way to evaluate the educational impacts of research. Hopefully, by raising the profile of such data, we can help accelerate that change.”

Latest Article Alert from BMC Medicine

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Reporting studies on time to diagnosis: proposal of a guideline by an international panel (REST)
Launay E, Cohen J, Bossuyt P, Buekens P, Deeks J, Dye T, Feltbower R, Ferrari A, Kramer M, Leeflang M, Moher D, Moons K, von Elm E, Ravaud P, Chalumeau M
BMC Medicine 2016, 14:146 (27 September

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Research article
The cost-effectiveness of hospital-based telephone coaching for people with type 2 diabetes: a 10 year modelling analysis
Varney J, Liew D, Weiland T, Inder W, Jelinek G
BMC Health Services Research 2016, 16:521 (27 September 2016)
Abstract http://

Latest Article Alert from AIDS Research and Therapy

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Current trends and intricacies in the management of HIV-associated pulmonary tuberculosis
Gopalan N, Chandrasekaran P, Swaminathan S, Tripathy S
AIDS Research and Therapy 2016, 13:34 (26 September 2016)