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The 3rd SPARC Japan Seminar 2014 "Science for Generation OPEN".

SPARC Japan hosts a seminar on 21 October 2014 (1:30-5 p.m. Japan time) titled “Science for Generation Open“.

The third SPARC Japan Seminar of 2014, in keeping with this year’s Open Access Week theme of “Generation Open”, will focus on the various activities being taken by “Generation Open” in Japan. “Generation Open”, describes early-career researchers and future scholars, and researchers who are web-native and used to free/open resources.

Meanwhile, Japanese academic societies and university libraries, with the aim of disseminating scholarly information, have been endeavoring to facilitate Open Access.

This has also been taking place globally via a number of different approaches. By bringing “Generation Open“ and established academia together at this seminar, we hope to help further implementation of Open Access under a framework of international collaboration, as well as stimulate broader discussion on disseminating, sharing and reuse of research data.

This seminar is a part of  “Open Access Summit 2014” (21-22 Oct. 2014) hosted by the National Institute of Informatics.