A Look at Paris Open Access Week 2012

Open access is a topic as important for the French research community as for any other, and, yet, no major events to mark International Open Access Week had ever been held in Paris—until now.

At the end of October 2012, Open Access Week finally came to the French capital, with two evenings of talks and discussions organized by MyScienceWork, in partnership with the University of Pierre and Marie Curie and UNESCO. Open access leaders like Bernard Rentier, Pierre Mounier and Curt Rice exchanged with professionals and students on the promise and pitfalls of OA.

In this video, get a taste for these events firsthand: the subjects tackled, questions raised and connections forged among a variety of players, all concerned about the future of scientific publishing.

See you in 2013 for the next edition of Paris Open Access Week!

Find out more:

A Storify of the first event, at UPMC (in French): #OAWeek2012 A la découverte de l’Open Access à l’UPMC pour l’Open Access Week

A Storify of the second event, at UNESCO (in English): Measuring the Impact of Open Access, at UNESCO for Open Access Week

The speakers’ presentations on Slideshare

Advances in Open Access à la Nature Publishing Group

Advances in Open Access à la Nature Publishing Group


With its recent launch of Light: Science and Applications, an open access (OA) physical sciences journal, and several more OA specialist publications planned for this year, Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is moving forward with its plan to include this publishing model in the center of its business. Though not every NPG journal is fair game for open access, it seems – top-tier publications will remain under a subscription-based model – specialist titles may be a place for further expansion as open access continues to develop.