Book Review: Sally Morris, et al. The Handbook of Journal Publishing

In the preface to The Handbook of Journal Publishing, the authors state one goal and make one prediction for the book: that it will serve as a useful resource for those who “have come to journals publishing after a spell with books, or are completely new to publishing,” and that it may be best used as a reference book, rather than read from cover to cover (xi). Still a bit of a newbie to the journal publishing industry myself—having worked on academic journals for more than three years, but only from within the confines of an Open Access, library-based publisher—I tackled this book with these aims in mind.

Editor’s Note [16.1]

I’m delighted to hand over the reins of The Journal of Electronic Publishing to Maria Bonn (Editor) and Jonathan McGlone (Managing Editor). We at Michigan Publishing are excited to see the journal continue to feature new scholarship and create new opportunities for exploring and improving professional practice in the years to come.