Navigating the Complexities of Open Access

Join us on an exciting  e-discussion  “Navigating the Complexities of Open Access” which will take place over two sessions as follows:

Tuesday 25th March:  facilitated session midday GMT to 14.00 (GMT)

The first session will explore your different experiences of Open Access in different contexts and will be led by facilitators with experience in working on open access issues and our coordinators based in Africa and Asia.

Wednesday 26th March: facilitated session midday GMT to 14.00 (GMT)

The second session will further explore the issues arising from the first day and will explore these in more depth.


To join our discussion you will need to become a member of Chat Literacy by clicking on the link below and following the onscreen instructions:

Please invite others to join the e-discussion, by forwarding the URL above to them and inviting them to join us.

University of Zimbabwe Library Open Access Reloaded: Creating a Better Understanding

2013 International Open Access Week Celebrations at University of Zimbabwe are geared towards demystifying myths/fears/concerns attached to Open Access,  and  increasing wider awareness, appreciation  and use of OA Resources. The UZ Library  has a Mobile OA Exhibition Tent  circulating around the campus, in-order to avail an opportunity for the University Community, a platform to enlighten their understanding of OA. UZ Library is also exhibiting posters of academics  with  Top Ten Most Accessed Articles  from the University of Zimbabwe Institutional Repository (UZIR) articles and  Top Ten Most Contributors to the UZIR.

For the past two days, the Mobile OA Exhibition Tent has generated a lot of  “OA” enthusiasm   amongst students, lecturers and administrative. Exhibition of tangible benefits derived from archiving articles in the institutional repositories has intrigued most of the academic staff members. Lectures have already began queuing the Special Collections Department which manages the UZIR,  armed with their publications, conference proceeding, reports, articles among others for archiving in the UZIR

The UZ Library is looking forward to a great ending tomorrow!

UZ OA Team