Open Access Week Kicks Off at the Harare Institute of Technology

The Open Access Mobile Vendor starts in earnest at HIT.

Activities commenced with the posting of OA posters throughout the campus and preparing the Mobile BikeDecorated%20Bike%203.jpg

Library Staff comprising Mr Nhakura and Mr Mambume take to the HIT streets to explain the OA as a pragmatic mode of publishing and scholarly communication



Mr Nhakura also explains to students of Pharmaceuticall Engineering the benefits of OA to students and how they also should share their own knowledge and contribute to the global knolwedge base. Mr%20Nhakura%20discusses%20with%20Pharmaceutical%20ENgineering%20Students%20and%20distributes%20OA%20pamhlets%2C%20brochures%20and%20flyers.jpg

It has been a very exciting start and we look forward to continue with more engaging activities.