Artexte launches Publisher’s Toolkit for Open Access Week 2013

Artexte is a non-profit arts organization. Our mandate is to document contemporary art from 1965 to the present with special emphasis on Canadian art. We also facilitate research in this area by offering reference services, by making our collection accessible to the public, and by developing rigorous information resources.

In February 2013 Artexte launched e-artexte, an Open Access repository for visual arts publications. Publishers and authors can now self-archive their documents in a thematic repository that contextualizes their work in a specialized collection that reflects the 30 years of research and documentation carried out by Artexte.

Open Access and self-archiving are new to most of our community of publishers who deposit their print publications with Artexte. Our aim is to promote the Open Access model as one that can improve the visibility and distribution of contemporary art writing from across the country.

We are doing outreach work currently related to the e-artexte repository. As part of our Publisher’s Toolkit project we are developing resources to build awareness and capacity regarding the use of e-artexte, as well as information about digital publishing standards and practices. We are launching the Toolkit during Open Access Week, and it will continue to develop in the coming months.

You can see the Publisher’s Toolkit online here: