I would like to share a little bit about Paperity and what the website has been up to since its launch. Paperity is a multidisciplinary aggregator of Open Access Journals and Papers which was launched in October 2014 and since then it has aggregated more than 2,200 journals and 400,000 multidisciplinary articles. What makes it unique is that it is both an aggregator and multidisciplinary. Through its full-text feature it eases the research process researchers and early career researchers have to go through when investigating or doing assignments. Paperity also makes sure to index only true peer-reviewed scholarly literature, and keeps strong communication with the journals aggregated to assure quality and consistency for its users. 

Paperity has received a lot of support from the Open Access community and has appeared in blog posts in numerous sites such as Archimag, University World News, InfoToday, Open Science, and many more. 

Paperity has also partnered with EBSCO Information Services, open journals from Paperity are listed in EBSCO A-to-Z, a bibliographical catalog used by libraries and library users around the world to facilitate and manage their access to journals. Paperity also partnered with the European Union Contest for Young Scientist, the winning articles will be added to Paperity as soon as they get pubished in the Journal of Young Investigators.

Besides that, we are currently working on our website’s features to make it easier and more efficient to our readers. 

I invite you to check the website and learn more about the team at . If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Paperity, the first multi-disciplinary aggregator of Open Access journals and papers was launched!

Paperity. Keep on top of recent discoveries and never hit a paywall

Paperity is the first multi-disciplinary aggregator of peer-reviewed Open Access journals and papers that aims to connect authors with readers.  It gives readers easy and unconstrained access to thousands of journals from hundreds of disciplines in one central location, making it simpler to access papers and research materials.

Paperity is the first of its type, there are similar services, such as the DOAJ which indexes papers and journals but does not aggregate, and PubMed Central, which is also an aggregator but is not multidisciplinary. By being multidisciplinary and 100% Open Access we intend to improve the communication between different branches of study while promoting the freedom of knowledge.

Right now, Paperity includes over 160,000 articles from 2,000 scholarly journals and growing. The goal of the team is to cover 100% of Open Access literature in 3 years from now. Paperity is a useful tool for students, researchers and professionals looking for consistent peer-reviewed information.

Please feel free to visit our website where you can find more details about our team http// We invite you all to try it, tweet about it and share it with your colleagues. Let us know what you think!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Paperity, please  do not hesitate to contact us.