Believing in Robots

In this presentation, Safari Books Online’s Keith Fahlgren and Peter Collingridge will focus on where Safari has chosen to take a non-scalable, “slow bookselling” approach to product development, augmented by some innovative technology, and how they know readers find it compelling.Talk can be seen hereSlides and Notes for this talk are available at the Safari Flow Blog

Fighting Complexity in EPUB 3: Modularization and Delegation

The IDPF chartered the EPUB 3 revision with a wide-ranging mandate to expand the scope of the specification. On top of this, timely completion of the work was “critical.” To meet these demands, the EPUB 3 Working Group used two techniques to manage and limit the increasing complexity of the standard: modularization and delegation. While both of these carried downsides and risks, they became critical components in creating an effective, meaningful revision in a reasonable timeframe. Inside the EPUB 3 specifications themselves, an even more striking commitment to harmonization and delegation led the DAISY Consortium to defer completely to EPUB 3 as a distribution format, removing their DTBook format from the specification itself.