Open Access Newsletter of the University of Groningen Library

Open Access Newsletter (in Dutch only, sorry) of the University of Groningen Library, The NetherlandsA new initiative to publish this newsletter 3 times in a year. The first one is focussed on Open Access Week 2011 the following link to read the content via Google Translate:

The digital version in pdf is containing just the headlines, click the links to get the online content!



Short demo video OpenAccess Toolbar & Mobile App

Here is a short demo video about the OpenAccess Toolbar ánd the Mobile (web) App.

The video is created in one take via straight from my laptop browser window.

It still can be useful to have some info very close at hand. Of course it depends on how often you need info about OpenAccess, but with this browser Toolbar, you will have the latest news on OpenAccess right in your browser.
A second strong feature of the Toolbar is the DIRECT SEARCH in major OpenAccess Resources, like the new CORE fulltext search engine, OAIster, DOAJ, PLoS, SpringerOpen (incl BioMedCentral)

Can’t or won’t install a Toolbar?

If you believe some resource should be added, please let me know!

Related Tools:

OpenAccess Mobile App Trial

There is a MOBILE APP for OpenAccess at I have 14 days to evaluate and decide to keep it or not. Take the poll.

Also Try the OpenAccess Toolbar!

All the News, Search, Links & Media about OpenAccess worldwide in one tool, close to you, just one click away in your browser.
What do you like or dislike about it? And what should be in there for you to use it frequently?

Open Access Symbol or Character needed! (no image)

Urgently needed! A symbol or character version of the Open Acces logo to be used in Word!!!! So no icon or image but a character like the Copyright character © that we all know!  

We are creating lists op Top 25% Journals within relevant Journal Citation report (JCR) catagories for our organisation (University Medical Center Groningen) and we want to emphasize the OA Journals in there!

The CMS of the University of Groningen does not allow to add images next to these texts, and we think it would be nice to have that character anyway!