Why has SAGE apparently shuttered over a quarter of the Libertas Academica journals it acquired in 2016?

“In September 2016 Sage announced that it had acquired the full journal portfolio of the open access publisher Libertas Academica (LA), which it said consisted of 83 titles….

What the press release did not say is that Libertas Academica had at one time been on Beall’s list of “Potential, possible, or probable predatory” publishers….

[David Ross, SAGE Publishing’s Executive Director of Open Access] added, “I can assure you that the standards of the journals published … would satisfy even the most stringent definitions of peer review.”

Why then last Friday did the archival service PORTICO announce that 21 LA journals have been “triggered” in Portico as they are “no longer available through any online platform.” I take this to mean that the journals have been discontinued….”