Project ReShare Selects Boston Library Consortium as its Fiscal Sponsor

“Project ReShare has selected the Boston Library Consortium (BLC), a formidable coalition of libraries in the northeast US, as its new fiscal sponsor….

The ReShare Community is a group of libraries, consortia, information organizations, and developers who came together in 2018 to create Project ReShare – an open approach to library resource sharing systems….”

[ALA action alert on bill to block implementation of Nelson memo]

“Unfortunately, a new House appropriations bill includes a provision that would block a Biden Administration order that ensures public access to unclassified research.

We must remind Congress why access to information is vital for libraries and the users we serve….”

ARL Executive Director

“The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) seeks a highly strategic and innovative thoughtful leader, who will effectively collaborate with the ARL membership to advance the Association’s aspirations, strategic goals, and commitments in line with its mission, vision, and values….

[One qualification sought:] Demonstrated understanding of the trends in scholarship and scholarly communication, particularly within open scholarship; and familiarity with copyright and the intellectual property environment.”

ARL Awarded Grant to Continue Research on Institutional Expenses for Public Access to Research Data – Association of Research Libraries

“The US Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) has awarded the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), in collaboration with Duke University, the University of Minnesota, and Washington University in St. Louis, all of whom are members of the Data Curation Network (DCN), a $741,921 National Leadership Grant to examine institutional expenses for public access to research data. This research builds upon ARL’s existing Realities of Academic Data Sharing initiative.

Public access to research data is critical to advancing science, solving real-world problems, and supporting research integrity. In recent years, a number of funding agencies and publishers have required the management and broad sharing of research data and other related research outputs to accelerate and expand the impacts of their investments. Research institutions, and the research libraries at these institutions, have invested in and developed infrastructure and services to support researchers in meeting these requirements. These services and infrastructures are not only housed in the library, but are spread across the institution, in various administrative units, such as campus IT, the research office, and institutes and research centers. Given the growth in demand, its distributed nature, and functional nuance, the costs of public access to research data and data sharing are not well understood. The many unknowns about the institutional landscape for funded research-data sharing hamper collaborations and institutional ability to plan and budget appropriately.”

Purdue Libraries and School of Information Studies News – Beth McNeil Assumes ACRL Presidency

“Beth McNeil, dean of Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies, has assumed the role of president of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)….

Since becoming a member of ACRL in 1989, McNeil has held a variety of roles within the organization, most recently she served as vice-president. Building on her predecessors’ achievements, McNeil aims to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in the institution and its member libraries as well as recognize and promote sustainable and open scholarship during her one-year tenure. “The move to open science/open scholarship will lead to fundamental changes for higher education and our libraries, and I believe that college and university librarians have a role and a responsibility in changing the model. I trust ACRL can continue to build its support and advocacy in this area, and I look forward to the challenge of helping to shift academic culture towards a more equitable, open future.”…”

IOI 2024 Fund: leveraging networks as key drivers of change | Invest in Open Infrastructure, Jul 13, 2023

“…Through this pilot Fund, IOI intends to:

Partner with at least (3) networks, focusing on networks with a strong existing service relationship to a set of communities or institutions, a public commitment to open research principles, and a specific opportunity for using funds to develop open infrastructure adoption among members
Raise $5-7M USD to support these network collaborations for 3-5 years, providing direct funding and strategic support to enable the adoption of open infrastructure for those networks and their members, with a focus on infrastructures enabling immediate and equitable open access to data and content.
Create a mechanism to expand the pool of funders for open infrastructure, including calling for commercial service providers and others who derive significant value from the open ecosystem to reinvest in the open systems from which they profit….”

Open Science Services by Research Libraries: Organisational Perspectives – A LIBER and ADBU Report | Zenodo

“Many research libraries in Europe deliver Open Science services in the field of RDM and OA. However, it is estimated that up to half of European research libraries deliver only limited services in these domains. LIBER and ADBU conducted a study to understand the organisational structures and competencies needed to create, and sustain, these services.

As part of the report, a Toolkit will be created (in both English and French languages) to encourage an acceleration of the adoption of RDM and OA services in research libraries throughout Europe.

LIBER and ADBU release joint report on Open Science Services within Research Libraries – LIBER Europe

“LIBER and ADBU (Association des directeurs et personnels de direction des bibliothèques universitaires et de la documentation) have released a joint report on FAIR Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Access (OA) support services within libraries. The report – entitled Open Science Services by Research Libraries: Organisational Perspectives – is the result of a study examining libraries with developed RDM and OA services, to understand the stages involved in their creation and the key competencies that are required. The study is part of an ongoing collaboration between LIBER and ADBU to improve Open Science services across Europe….”

Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) Releases the National Advocacy Framework for Open Educational Resources (OER) – Canadian Association of Research Libraries

“The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) is proud to announce the release of a comprehensive document, A National Advocacy Framework for Open Educational Resources in Canada, aimed at advancing the adoption and support of open educational resources (OER) across the country. 

This framework is the result of collaborative efforts involving diverse stakeholders, including national student groups, provincial open education organizations, scholars, advocates in open education, and representatives from higher education institutions.  Its purpose is to help advance and inform advocacy efforts directed at the Federal government. The ultimate goal is to provide guidance to stakeholders in advocating for federal involvement in OER. 

An outcome of the work of the Open Educational Resources (OER) National Strategy – Stratégie nationale en matière de ressources éducatives libres (REL) group, a dedicated consortium of stakeholders facilitated by CARL, the Framework was written and reviewed by practitioners and experts from various backgrounds within Canada’s post-secondary system. Divided into six sections and accompanied by five appendices, the document provides a detailed examination of OER in Canadian higher education and its connection with already existing federal programs. It proposes principles to underpin federal involvement and priorities for a national approach to open education….”

Innovative new open access agreement signed between PALCI and ACS Publications – PALCI

“PALCI (Partnership for Academic Library Collaboration and Innovation) and ACS Publications are excited to announce the signing of a new open access agreement that provides participating members with full financial support for open access publication in all ACS journals, as well as complete access to ACS Publications’ journal content through the end of 2025.

Building on previous agreements with individual members of the consortium, this new agreement is one of the first to employ a new approach that leverages the strengths of various institutions to enable full open access publishing and subscription access for participating members. This enables open access publication support for authors while maintaining – and, in some cases, expanding – access to current and historical subscription content from ACS’ full range of journals….”

IFLA’s global role in Open Access – engaging networks and partnerships for sustainable progress | 21 August, IFLA WLIC 2023 | Rotterdam

“Description: Open access seeks to make research globally available and discoverable for the long-term and not only in times of crisis. While considerable progress has been made towards realising this ambition, financial, equity, and other barriers remain. This high-level session will bring together stakeholders from major regional and global initiatives, and IFLA, that seek to create more inclusive, diverse, and sustainable means of achieving open access. The contribution of open access to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, UNESCO Open Science Recommendations, and a rights-based approach to access to information will be explored, together with practical examples for implementation at regional and local levels. These include the need for a diversity of models, sustainable funding, and underpinning infrastructure. The session will also focus on the recommendations from IFLA’s 2022 statement and call to action on open access, and progress towards implementation. A strong global position that makes space for regional diversity and needs is critical to achieving open access, and in turn, to a positive and inclusive open research and open science culture. Opportunities must be taken to strengthen networks among libraries and stakeholders and the voices of all regions. The session will conclude with recommendations on how to continue to build these networks and partnerships so that key priorities and barriers to equity at global, regional and local levels can be identified and addressed. This session is currently scheduled to take place 15:15-16:00 on Monday, 21 August 2023 and is expected to attract around 300 delegates. Each speaker will give opening remarks, followed by a panel discussion.”

Library associations across Europe joint call for action on eBooks – Knowledge Rights 21

“National and other library associations from across Europe have signed a letter underlining the urgency to find ways to ensure that library users continue to be able to benefit from services in a digital world.

The letter highlights the traditional and essential support that libraries play in supporting education, research and access to culture while highlighting that current eBook models and licensing are undermining this….

It is essential to ensure that eBook markets work in ways that allow libraries to do their job and to fulfil their public interest responsibilities, within a clear legal framework. Working alternatives that currently exist rely on voluntary action by publishers, and do not provide full access.Government action is therefore necessary on all three of the following fronts:

Guarantees in law that libraries shall be able to acquire, preserve and electronically lend digitised analogue and born-digital works, such as eBooks, on the same basis as they lend physical works. This will enable more constructive negotiations between libraries and rightholders.

Work to ensure that eLending platforms operate in ways that work best for libraries, their users and authors. 

Aside from copyright reform and market regulation, support further investigation into the dynamics of eBook markets and their impacts on the achievement of public interest goals. This will also serve to inform wider cultural, education and research policies….”

Publishing industry announces record profits as European library associations call for action on ebooks – Campaign to investigate the Library ebook market

“The Publishers Association has reported another year of record breaking profits for the publishing industry in 2022, in spite of the cost of living crisis….

Meanwhile, frustrated by policymakers’ and competition authorities’ failure to address the ongoing library ebook crisis, library associations from across Europe signed a letter requesting parallel action on eBooks to enable libraries to continue to support education, research, and cultural access in a digital world. The letter can found in full at ….

Buku: Perangkat Pendukung Sistem Repositori Institusi Basic to Expert | 01/27/2023 | ISIPII / Ikatan Sarjana Ilmu Perpustakaan dan Informasi Indonesia

Google translate: “…This book discusses in full how to run institutional repository applications. The initial stage is given an understanding of how to run a server and its supporting devices in implementing an institutional repository. Next is an understanding of several institutional repository applications that already exist such as the Walanae version of Omeka, Eprints and Difoss. The material that follows provides an overview and practical tips for developing some of the features that are already available at the application development stage. And finally, it explains in detail how to run the service API on Eprints so that it can become a database for developing eprints as a center for other applications such as statistical application services, digital preservation monitoring applications, and others….”

Published: Jakarta: ISIPII [Association of Indonesian Library and Information Professionals], 2023

LIBER Appoints Interim Executive Director

“Martine Pronk currently works as head of Academic Services and member of the senior management team at Utrecht University Library, The Netherlands. In this role, she has strategic responsibility for research and education support services, including in the field of Open Science….

In her current role, Martine represents the University and University Library in several national and international networks: the Dutch implementation network Digital Competence Centers, the LERU Information and Open Access Policy Group, and the European Open Science Cloud Association. At Utrecht University she is co-lead of Track Open Access for the Open Science Programme….”