SHERPA/RoMEO API – Manual, REST Requests, and Wish List

We have been clearing the decks in readiness for the next upgrade to the SHERPA/RoMEO API, which will be a major redevelopment.

Technical Manual

The main technical manual has been consolidated to incorporate all the addenda from recent enhancements to the API, and has been generally reviewed and updated. The new manual is available at:

One new thing that developers may find particularly useful is a handy one page alphabetical list of all the available query and output parameters.

REST Requests

Simple API queries for journal ISSN or RoMEO Publisher ID can now be made using true REST URLs.

Journal ISSN queries use REST URLs such as:

e.g. – to search for ISSN 0003-5491

Queries for RoMEO Publisher IDs use REST URLs such as:

e.g. – to search for RoMEO ID No.55 – Oxford University Press

See the manual for more detailed information.

Get your applications ready for API V.3

The next upgrade to the RoMEO API will be radically different to the current and previous versions, providing new query options and totally new output schemas. More information will be available shortly. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend that you ensure that your applications are using the latest version of the API – V.2.9. It is normally very simple to upgrade from earlier versions – usually just a question changing root URL. e.g changing the …/api24.php?… to …/api29.php?…

We also strongly recommend that you register for an API Key, if you have not already done so. Access controls will soon be implemented for all versions of the API, which means that unregistered users will be limited to 500 requests per day.

Wish List

We compiled a users’ wish list for the API in 2010. We have just reviewed this and are pleased to note that several important wishes have since been fulfilled. See:

As we a enter a new phase of development, we would be grateful if users could revisit the wish list and let us know if there is anything they would like to add or update.