Releasing 1.8 million open access publications from publisher systems for text and data mining

Text and data mining offers an opportunity to improve the way we access and analyse the outputs of academic research. But the technical infrastructure of the current scholarly communication system is not yet ready to support TDM to its full potential, even for open access outputs. To address this problem, Petr KnothNancy Pontika and Lucas Anastasiou have developed the CORE Publisher Connector, a toolkit service designed to assist text miners in accessing content though a single machine interface. The Connector aims to solve the heterogeneity among publisher APIs and assist text miners with data collection, provide a centralised point of access to all openly available scientific publications, and provide a high-performance, constantly updated access interface.

Open Letter: “Securing Europe’s Leadership In The Data Economy By Revising The Text And Data Mining (TDM) Exception” (European Alliance for Research Excellence)

Today, the European Alliance for Research Excellence (EARE) and 19 organisations representing European universities, libraries, research organisations and businesses sent an open letter to Members of the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) in the European Parliament and Deputy Permanent Representatives of the 28 Member States, asking them to revise the Text and Data Mining (TDM) exception in the current copyright reform.

Text and Data Mining interoperability at the legal level: rights, exceptions and licences | FOSTER

“The webinar will focus on the complex and fragmented EU copyright framework which applies to activities relevant for Text and Data Mining purposes. The general legal landscape will be briefly presented in order to identify limits and opportunites offered by current copyright rules. Regarding the former, the webinar will illustrate which rights (e.g. right of reproduction and right of distribution) can be triggered by TDM activities and what this entails. Regarding the latter, available exceptions and limitations will be analysed in an attempt to offer an overview of when (and where) an existing copyright exception could cover TDM activities. This part will include the recent draft proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and other national initiatives. Finally, copyright licences and the ways in which the OpenMinTeD project intends to favour legal and metadata interoperability among the many different and often incompatible licences and terms of use will be discussed….”

Text and Data Mining: Report from the Expert Group

“A specific and mandatory exception to remove text and data mining [TDM] for scientific purposes from the reach of European copyright and database law should be drafted….In considering various possible forms of legal exception from copyright and database law for text and data miners, the argument is made that from an economic perspective it makes little sense to propose a distinction between commercial and non-commercial TDM. A well-designed copyright regime should provide appropriate stimulus for all types of research and, at the same time, an appropriate level of protection for all rights owners. Once this balance has been reached, there is no reason to distinguish between commercial and non-commercial research….”