AsiaChem Magazine has joined ScienceOpen – ScienceOpen Blog

“The Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) is a federation of 32 chemical societies of countries and territories in the Asia Pacific, aiming to promote the advancement and appreciation of chemistry and the interests of professional chemists in the region. As of today, all activities and updates from the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies, as well as cutting-edge science articles, publications on the history of chemistry, interviews, and essays, will be available on ScienceOpen, as AsiaChem, the official magazine of FACS, has joined our network….”

Benefits of publishing with us | About UCL Open: Environment

“UCL Open: Environment is committed to using its position and unique set of strengths to develop and disseminate original knowledge, not only for its own inherent value but also to address the significant challenges facing the world today and those that will arise in the future.

Drawing on these founding values, we want to stimulate disruptive thinking across the research landscape to showcase radical and critical thinking applied to real world problems that benefit humanity. We believe that the future of scientific and scholarly pursuit is best served by an open science agenda and fully open access publishing because knowledge should be accessible to all, regardless of location or financial means. We want to transform the way new knowledge is shared openly and without barriers….”

University Presses on ScienceOpen – ScienceOpen Blog

“ScienceOpen’s ever-growing network is constantly being enriched with content from a diverse range of publishers, including many university presses and journals. Our platform can help universities by contextualizing their research and promoting it in our discovery network and beyond.

Our open-access hosting services for university presses include the creation and maintenance of high-quality XML metadata; pdf hosting with an automatic deposit to Crossref; a peer-review management dashboard for open or single-blind peer review; customized publisher branding; access to our dynamic search and filtering tools; long-term archiving, and much more.

In today’s article, we want to focus on the list of university presses that have chosen ScienceOpen to publish their journals and research, as well as the various fields of research that their publications cover….”

ScienceOpen is the new hosting platform for Pluto Journals – ScienceOpen Blog

“We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with Pluto Journals to host their 21 academic journals on the ScienceOpen platform. We have provided open access hosting services for all journals, and each journal has access to ScienceOpen’s peer review and manuscript submission management systems.”

Modern Languages Open – ScienceOpen

“Modern Languages Open (MLO) is a peer-reviewed platform for the open access publication of research from across the modern languages to a global audience.  It provides

Interdisciplinarity across the modern languages and engagement with other fields from a modern languages perspective
Gold Open Access under a CC-BY licence
Rigorous peer review pre-publication interactivity post-publication
Rewards for article reviewers
Flexibility on article length from 3,000-15,000 words
International dissemination under the imprimatur of a university press


MLO is published by Liverpool University Press, one of the world’s leading publishers in the modern languages, in partnership with the University of Liverpool Library….”

The Results Are In of Our Open Access Survey

A few weeks ago, we sent out a survey to hear about your experiences with Open Access. In this survey we asked questions like, do you believe the scholarly community could do research more effectively if all scientific communication were freely available under an open access license? and, would you prefer if peer reviews were made open? We’re happy to present the results today which coincides nicely with the final day of Open Access Week 2021

Tell us about your experience with Open Access!

“We have put together a short survey to learn about people’s experiences with open access. This survey asks a range of questions, and you only need to answer the ones that are relevant to you! Everyone in the scholarly community is welcome to participate, including students, publishers, and scholars.

Some of the questions you will be asked in the survey are:

Do you believe the scholarly community could do research more effectively if all scientific communication were freely available under an open access license?
Have you ever published an article open access?
What is a reasonable APC for an open access research article?
Would you prefer if peer reviews were made open? For example, so anyone could read what the reviewer recommended and anyone could know who the reviewer was.
Have you ever needed access to a research article and were unable to read it due to pay walls? …”

Humanities Content on ScienceOpen – ScienceOpen Blog

“Although our name may suggest a focus on the physical and natural sciences, ScienceOpen works with all types of scholarly publishers. Many of our partners are publishing in the fields of humanities and social sciences (HSS), and so ScienceOpen is a great resource for research in these areas in addition to STEM subjects. In this post, we are pleased to highlight some very interesting and recently added HSS content and Collections on the platform….

In this post, we start out by presenting six Collections of Books that fall into the HSS subjects. Next, we have listed many of the humanities journals that are featured on the platform. We then list Collections created with our partner, Emerald Publishing, that bring together research on the Sustainable Development Goals that include a lot of HSS research. Lastly, we have listed a couple new Social Sciences (SS) Journal Collections on ScienceOpen. We hope you’re able to find something that inspires you in this extensive list of HSS research on ScienceOpen….”



Discover new agriculture content on ScienceOpen: Welcome Journal of Southern Agriculture – ScienceOpen Blog

“ScienceOpen is excited to showcase the latest journal to be indexed on the platform. We have worked with our partners at Compuscript to feature the open access Journal of Southern Agriculture on ScienceOpen to help increase its global dissemination. By being indexed on the platform, the Journal of Southern Agriculture is now in the context of over 71 million scholarly works and benefits from the ScienceOpen Collections Infrastructure.”

Summary of the Inaugural ScienceOpen User Meeting – ScienceOpen Blog

“The first ScienceOpen User Meeting

On June 18th we hosted our very first User Meeting for ScienceOpen customers and it was a great success! We introduced many of the new projects and services at ScienceOpen and allowed our customers to share their own projects. This format helped spark ideas and questions among our clients, exemplifying the vast array of solutions offered by ScienceOpen and giving us ideas for how we can expand our services in the future. For those that were unable to attend and for anyone else interested, we have prepared a report of the meeting for you. 

An update on what’s new at ScienceOpen 

First on the agenda was Stephanie Dawson’s (ScienceOpen CEO) presentation of what’s new at ScienceOpen. She focused on three categories: Collections, Metadata and Books, and Publishing and Hosting Solutions. The biggest updates to our Collections Infrastructure have been the INTEGRATOR, which allows ScienceOpen collections to be plugged into any third-party website, and a search engine upgrade. The search engine upgrade enables more control of curated research collections and a better user experience. In books and metadata news, we have begun a new project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to help book publishers. For details of this project and all other things book related, check out our previous blogpost. And finally, in publishing and hosting, we have helped create multiple journals and preprint servers on the platform with different options for peer review workflows. To explore more of what’s new at ScienceOpen, you can view her presentation here. …”

New Advanced Search Functionalities! – ScienceOpen Blog

“On the ScienceOpen platform, the search engine that powers our discovery database is unique in that it is front and center on each new search—without any barricades, inviting all users to tinker with and explore content with it. Excitingly, the ScienceOpen technical team has recently upgraded the search functionalities on the site to be even more advanced and user-friendly! …”

Announcing our new partnership with BAPIO—an OA global publisher promoting diversity in health policy and medical research – ScienceOpen Blog

“We are pleased to announce our new partnership with the British Association for Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO). We have collaborated to index two of BAPIO’s medical journals, The Physician and Sushruta Journal of Health Policy, in featured collections on ScienceOpen to increase their visibility and discoverability to a wider audience. BAPIO is a non-profit, voluntary professional organisation in its silver jubilee year, whose mission is to provide a global forum for health professionals to promote excellence in healthcare, education, research and leadership by promoting diversity, equality and inclusion for all. BAPIO as a national organisation, functions through a number of regional chapters, special interest forums and arms-length bodies and is closely affiliated to the Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. …”