National Data Service

“The National Data Service is an emerging vision of how scientists and researchers across all disciplines can find, reuse, and publish data. It is an international federation of data providers, data aggregators, community-specific federations, publishers, and cyberinfrastructure providers. It builds on the data archiving and sharing efforts under way within specific communities and links them together with a common set of tools….”

Materials Data Facility launched in support of Materials Genome Initiative | National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois

“The National Data Service Consortium is launching a materials data facility for the advancement of materials science research through open data access and sharing.

On the third anniversary of President Barack Obama establishing the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI)—a multi-agency effort to transform materials science research in the United States through a national infrastructure—a consortium of research universities, national laboratories, and academic publishers announced the Materials Data Facility today.
This new facility is being established as a pilot program under the National Data Service (NDS) and will provide a repository where scientists can preserve and share materials research data, produced by both simulations and experiments.

NDS is a new emerging vision for a national data infrastructure that enables the discovery, reuse, and publication of data for scientists and researchers across all disciplines. Sharing in this vision, the Materials Data Facility will push the MGI’s goals of doubling the pace of development of advanced materials research….”