Forside – Dansk Open Access-Indikator

From Google’s English:  “The indicator is produced and launched annually by the Danish Agency for Education and Research, which is part of the Ministry of Education and Research. The indicator monitors the implementation of the Danish Open Access strategy 2018-2025 by collecting and analyzing publication data from the Danish universities.

Main menu:

OVERVIEW – National strategic goals and the realization of them at national and university level.
OA TYPES – Types of Open Access realization at national and local level.
DATA – Data for download as well as documentation at an overview and technical level.
GUIDANCE – Information to support the Danish universities’ implementation of Open Access, such as important dates and guidelines.
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions….”

Open access-publicering og Plan Speed

From Google’s English:  Open access means that scientific articles that are quality assured in peer review and included in a scientific journal must be able to be read and distributed without financial, technical or legal restrictions. Since 2018, Denmark has had a national strategy for open access to ensure that we get the maximum effect from the research via free access to research-based knowledge. From 2025, the goal is to promote unhindered, digital access to all peer-reviewed research articles from Danish research institutions – with a maximum of 12 months delay, what we today call green open …

[Only part of the abstract is OA.]

Europæiske universiteter sender officiel klage til Margrethe Vestager |

From Google’s English: “Danish Universities have together with universities from all over Europe just sent a letter of formal notice to the European Commission. The complaint is addressed to Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

It’s about universities paying enormous amounts of money to a few publishers every year to access scientific articles that their own researchers have contributed to writing …

… Which would answer if a farmer had to pay a high price for a carton of milk that he had milked from his own cows and delivered to the dairy company.

With the complaint, the universities now put their foot down to the monopoly-like conditions which, in their opinion, distort the market….”

Alle skal have gratis adgang til forskningsresultater

From Google’s English: “A large part of the researchers’ scientific articles are now hidden behind pay walls, so it requires a subscription or a tax each time you want to read a research article. That education and research minister Sofie Carsten Nielsen now, do away with and will be a new national strategy to ensure free digital access to scholarly articles in the future….Sofie Carsten Nielsen has set up a national steering committee for Open Access, which will be responsible for coordinating the implementation of the strategy. The steering group comprises, among others, representatives of universities, libraries, and public and private foundations….”

Regeringen: Alle danske forskningsartikler skal være frit tilgængelige

From Google’s English:  “By 2022, all citizens have full and free access to all scientific papers describing the results of publicly financed research….Already in 2017, 80 percent of all scientific articles from Danish research institutions be free from digital online archives. From 2022, it should apply to all Danish research articles. That is the objective of a new national strategy for open access to education and research minister Sofie Carsten Nielsen (R) has just presented….Now a steering committee consisting of 16 representatives from universities, foundations and libraries so in the process of finding out how the objectives are met….The strategy provides for two different types of open access, which is called the golden and green model….”