Major upgrade for TagTeam, the open-source tagging platform | Berkman Klein Center

[TagTeam is the software running the Open Access Tracking Project.]

“We’re happy to announce a major upgrade to TagTeam, the open-source tagging platform developed by the Harvard Open Access Project. TagTeam allows users to manage open, tag-based research projects on any topic, provide real-time alerts of new developments, and organize knowledge for easy searching and sharing. Unlike other tagging platforms, it lets project owners guide the evolution of their tag vocabulary in a process it calls folksonomy in, ontology out.

The upgrade has more than 20 major new features….

These new developments will support projects already running on TagTeam, including the Open Access Tracking Project from Harvard Open Access Project….”

Want to Support Open Access? Volunteer for the Open Access Tracking Project

The Open Access Tracking Project (OATP) provides a constant stream of up-to-date information about open access issues in a primary feed and in a number of secondary feeds that focus on specialized OA subtopics. It offers the primary feed in a variety of distribution options, including email, Google+, HTML, RSS, Twitter, and others. It is an invaluable source of information for open access advocates, research data specialists, and scholarly communication specialists, and it provides important support for the open access movement as a whole.

Based at the Harvard Open Access Project, the OATP was launched by Peter Suber. Suber’s SPARC Open Access Newsletter and his Free Online Scholarship Newsletter played an important part in getting the open access movement off the ground. The OATP continues the mission of those groundbreaking publications using the open source TagTeam software, which was developed for the OATP.

Launched with the help of grant funding, the OATP will enter a new an all-volunteer phase at the end of August 2018. To continue this crowd-sourced project, new volunteers are needed. You can help move the OA agenda forward by being one of them. This wiki page explains how you can join the team and start tagging.

By volunteering just a bit of time to the OATP, you can make a significant difference.”

OATP introduction – Harvard Open Access Project

“The Open Access Tracking Project (OATP) is a crowd-sourced project running on free and open-source software to capture news and comment on open access (OA) to research. It has two missions: (1) create real-time alerts for OA-related developments, and (2) organize knowledge of the field, by tag or subtopic, for easy searching and sharing….”

Mais de 400 ferramentas de gestão de pesquisa disponíveis para os pesquisadores – edição 2017 – SIBiUSP – Sistema Integrado de Bibliotecas da Universidade de São Paulo.

From Google’s English: “In a continuing effort to chart the changing landscape of academic and scientific communication, scientists from the University of Utrecht , the Netherlands, conducted a survey among researchers [1] in 2015, focusing on the use of research management tools. In the edition of 2 015, 101 research tools / sites  – only those that represented an innovation – were selected based on the questionnaire applied to more than 20 thousand researchers from about 100 organizations (universities and publishers). Since then, the results have been presented at various conferences and webinars….Read, view, annotate  and manage references – Acrobat Reader , HTML view, MS Word ,  Mendeley, ReadCube , iAnnotate , , Papers , Annotated Books Online,  HistoryPin , PeerLibrary , TagTeam ,  Google Scholar Library , Zotero , EndNote Web , CiteUlike , Proquest Flow ,  RefBank , Stackly , Reference Manager ,  RefWorks , etc. …”