Harvard Open Access Project Part-Time Research Assistant Opportunity | Berkman Center

“The Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP) fosters the growth of open access to research, within Harvard and beyond, using a combination of education, consultation, collaboration, research, tool-building, and direct assistance.

Our new RA will perform wiki editing for the Open Access Directory, social tagging for the Open Access Tracking Project, administrative support for HOAP itself, plus data collection, research, writing, and strategizing for open access within Harvard and beyond….”

Panel: Broadband crucial to public education | The Recorder

“Before coming to Charlemont, Bernard was a research assistant with the Harvard Open Access Project and Berkman Center for Internet and Society. She also worked for at least 25 years as a child development specialist, working with young children and their families, teaching at colleges, and writing and presenting talks at conferences and workshops. Bernard said that the United Nations, through its UNESCO program, has a goal to focus on open-education resources that can be made available to everybody. Also, the U.S. Department of Education has started a “Go Open” campaign, urging states and school districts to save money by using openly licensed educational materials….”

Good Practices for University Open-Access Policies (new print and PDF editions)

“Since 2011, with input and feedback from colleagues around the world, +Stuart Shieber and I have been developing recommendations for university policies on open access to faculty research. We released the first edition of our guide during Open Access Week 2012, and have enlarged and improved it ever since.

We keep the master version on a wiki to make this kind of continual revision easy. Although the wiki version has received more than 97,000 views to date, some users prefer to read or share the guide in other formats. In Open Access Week 2013, we released the first print and PDF editions (capturing the wiki text from September 2013), and in OA Week this year, we’re pleased to release the second print and PDF editions (capturing the wiki text from September 2015).

The wiki edition will still contain the latest updates. But the new editions should make the guide more versatile and useful. Like the wiki edition and the previous print and PDF editions, the new editions stand under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licenses….”

Significant updates to the Open Access Directory.

“Nicole Contaxis is a summer intern for the Harvard Open Access Project at the +Berkman Center for Internet & Society. In addition to some offline research, she has been making significant updates to the Open Access Directory <oad.simmons.edu>. I’m very happy to say that she’s already updated these three sections of the OAD:

Declarations in support of OA
OA advocacy organizations
OA journal funds

Thanks, Nicole!”

KAUST goes open access

“I’m proud to announce that as of today, KAUST [King Abdullah University of Science and Technology] has officially adopted an open access policy! In short, the policy ensures that KAUST has non-exclusive rights to distribute all research done at KAUST. This right precedes any publishing or copyright agreement terms. It also places a responsibility on KAUST faculty to provide a pre-print of each paper to the library. The policy has nothing to do with publishing in open access journals (so-called Gold OA). Authors continue to publish in the same manner as before. KAUST’s OA policy is based closely on the text recommended by the Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP). HOAP was an extremely valuable resource for us in developing a policy and convincing the faculty, administration, and legal team to approve it….Here’s the full text of the policy, which at the moment is only available on an internal site. I’ll post a link here when a public announcement is made….”