If you’re planning an event for Open Access Week…

“If you’re planning an event for Open Access Week, please post it to the events page of the Open Access Directory (OAD). 

Here’s the page of 2016 events.

?The OAD is a wiki and depends on the community to keep it accurate, current, and comprehensive. It’s crowd-sourced and distributed under a CC-BY license. To limit spam, editing is limited to registered users, but registration is free and easy. Reading and reuse are free for all.

Thanks to L. Kelly Fitzpatrick for updating the OAD list of OA by the numbers

“If you need a quick one-stop shop for key numbers on the current state of OA, consult this list. Help your fellow researchers and advocates by updating numbers already listed and adding new numbers not already there.”


Robin Peek, 1959-2015

“I’m sorry to report that Robin Peek died on August 21. Robin was the editor and co-founder of the Open Access Directory, a columnist on publishing for 15 years inInformation Today, and a professor at the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science. She was also an early and long-time supporter of open access. 

For more on her career, see the Simmons College press release on the occasion of her retirement in June 2014.”

Milestone for the Open Access Directory.  “The Open Access Directory (OAD)…

“The Open Access Directory (OAD) just sailed past four million views. The OAD is a wiki and depends on the OA community to keep it comprehensive and up to date. Please help us keep the OAD a definitive reference on open access….We welcome your contributions to the lists, ideas for new lists, and comments to help us improve.”

Open Access Movement Pioneer Robin Peek Retires from Simmons GSLIS : News & Events Blog

“After teaching at GSLIS for more than 20 years, Associate Professor Robin Peek has retired this summer. As a pioneer of the Open Access (OA) Movement, which began in the mid-1990s, Peek championed open access of scholarly research. Her studies focused on the OA movement history and evolution, as well as the development of OA mandates, journals, and institutional change….”

Social-media sites focusing on open access

“+Nicole Contaxis just updated the major social-media lists at the Open Access Directory:

Blogs about OA
Twitter feeds about OA
Google+ sites about OA
Thanks, Nicole!
If you have a social-media site focusing on OA, and the Open Access Directory doesn’t already list it, please add it. The Open Access Directory <oad.simmons.edu> is a wiki and depends on the OA community to keep it current and comprehensive. To limit spam, editing is limited to registered users, but registration is free and easy.”

Significant updates to the Open Access Directory.

“Nicole Contaxis is a summer intern for the Harvard Open Access Project at the +Berkman Center for Internet & Society. In addition to some offline research, she has been making significant updates to the Open Access Directory <oad.simmons.edu>. I’m very happy to say that she’s already updated these three sections of the OAD:

Declarations in support of OA
OA advocacy organizations
OA journal funds

Thanks, Nicole!”