OpenCon 2014 Travel Scholarship Logistics & FAQ

1. How do we sign up to fund a travel scholarship for OpenCon 2014?

Please visit and fill out the form with your information. The organizers will then contact you with a copy of the OpenCon sponsorship agreement for you to sign and instructions for submitting payment. 

Checks should be made payable to our fiscal sponsor, the Association of Research Libraries, and mailed to: ?

Right to Research Coalition?
c/o Shawn Daugherty?
21 Dupont Circle NW, Suite 800 
Washington, DC 20036, United States 

2. Can we select the recipient of the travel scholarship? How do we go about doing that?

Yes!  Sponsoring a travel scholarship comes with the option to select the recipient.  There are two ways you can go about this.

First, you are welcome to select the recipient by setting up your own application process or by simply choosing the recipient you have in mind. We only ask that you let us know who the recipient is by October 3rd for U.S. residents and passport holders, and September 19th for recipients who will require a visa to enter the U.S

The other option is to have candidates apply for your scholarship through the OpenCon application system. We can provide a custom URL unique to your travel scholarship, and we will collect the applications on your behalf. We will then provide the information to you to select the winning candidate. If you run your application period in tandem with the general application period for OpenCon (August 4 – August 25), the remaining applications that you do not select will be returned to the general applicant pool and will be eligible for selection for a travel scholarship from the OpenCon general fund. 

While we leave the selection of your recipient entirely to you, we strongly encourage you to make the most of your sponsorship by selecting a qualified student or early career researcher who is passionate about Open Access, Open Education, and/or Open Data

3. What if we don’t want to select a specific recipient for our scholarship?

That’s great too! If you would simply like to support the meeting with a travel scholarship and don’t wish to select the recipient, we will add the sponsorship amount to the general travel scholarship fund to be given to the most qualified candidates as determined by the OpenCon Organizing Committee. You can also specify that your scholarship be used for a student in a particular discipline or from a particular region.

4. What is the deadline to sponsor a travel scholarship?

While there isn’t a hard cutoff date for sponsoring new travel scholarships, finalizing the sponsorship sooner (by August, or September at the latest) will help ensure a smoother process.

5. What is the deadline for selecting the recipient of a sponsored travel scholarship?

We ask that sponsors inform us of selection decisions at the latest by October 3rd for U.S. residents and passport holders, and by September 19th for recipients who will require a visa to enter the U.S., in order to allow ample time for travel arrangements to be made. Earlier selection decisions are encouraged and both reduce the potential for complications booking travel and ensure the maximum impact of your scholarship.

Please note that if you plan to run your application process through the OpenCon system and would like the applicants you do not select to be considered for a scholarship from the OpenCon general fund, you will need to run your application period between August 4th and 25th and notify us of the winner by September 1st. 

If you are unable to meet the October 3rd deadline (or September 19th for recipients requiring visas), please let us know and we can plan ahead.

6. What if we don’t end up finding a recipient for our scholarship?

If you don’t identify a recipient of your travel scholarship, we will add the sponsorship amount to the general travel scholarship fund to be given to the most qualified candidates as determined by the OpenCon Organizing Committee.

7. Will you provide any resources to help promote applications?

Yes! In addition to the custom URL for individuals to apply for your travel scholarship specifically, we will provide a one-page flyer for you to use to encourage individuals from your campus or organization to apply. We anticipate these resources will be available by the end of July.

We will also have an orientation call for travel scholarship sponsors on July 28th at 2:00pm EDT to go over details for how the travel scholarships will function and to address any questions sponsoring organizations may have.  You can register for the orientation call by clicking here, which will take you to the registration form at the bottom of this page. If you cannot attend this session, we’re happy to schedule individual calls with sponsors or potential sponsors to discuss the process and confirm details.

8. Does the travel scholarship cover all the cost of attendance?

The travel scholarship secures your recipient a spot at the conference and covers the cost of attendance up to the scholarship amount of $1,500—including travel, accommodations, and meals that are provided at the conference.  Any additional cost would need to be paid by the sponsoring organization.  After accommodation, food, and other costs are taken into account, the remaining scholarship will cover roughly up to $1,000 worth of travel expenses.

9. Can we send more than one participant by sponsoring multiple travel scholarships?

Yes, at this time there is not a limit on the number of sponsorships from a single institution or organization, and some sponsors have already committed to multiple scholarships.  However, the organizers reserve the right to limit the number of scholarships from a single institution in order to ensure a diverse pool of participants if necessary.

10. How do we handle arranging travel for the selected participant?

The conference organizers will book travel and accommodations for all travel scholarship recipients, so you do not have to handle any of it.  Any funds remaining from the $1,500 scholarship after your selected participant is booked will go toward providing assistance to other qualified students and young researchers.  

Please do note that funded participants will share a hotel room with a fellow attendee at the event. If you wish to provide additional funding to secure a single room for your recipient, please let us know at the time you establish your sponsorship.

11. Why does OpenCon have an application process instead of open registration?

OpenCon is a little different than other conferences.  Because students and early career researchers often have limited access to travel funding, the cost of attendance for a large portion of the attendees must be covered in order to allow them to attend regardless of their financial circumstances.  There is also far more interest in attendance than we can accommodate.  Last year, the Berlin 11 Satellite Conference for Students and Early Career Researchers that provides the foundation for OpenCon received more than 5 applications for every available place at the meeting.  Because of these factors, we feel that the only equitable way to determine who attends is through an application process that is judged by our Organizing Committee of students and early career researchers.

12. Are there discounts for sponsoring multiple travel scholarships?

No, each travel scholarship is $1,500 regardless of the number sponsored.

Register for the travel scholarship orientation call at 2pm EDT on Monday, July 28th, by filling in the form below.

Satellite Event Tools and Resources

Satellite Home | Announcement | Event Ideas | Register to Host
Get Support | Logistics | FAQ | Resources + Tools

Conference Resources: the following is a list of resources which will be made available over the coming weeks or by request from satellite event organizers.

Official Conference website page  [Coming soon, by August; Contact us]

Conference sign-up form [Contact us]

Official Satellite Conference Logo [Contact us]

Advertising Posters and signs [Coming soon]

Photo pack for advertising through social media [Coming soon]

Generic conference blurbs (for emails/advertisements) [Coming Soon]

Tweets/facebook posts from OpenCon and Right to Research accounts [Contact us]

Official certificates of attendance – [Coming soon]

Draft invitation letters to invite faculty [Coming soon]

Draft invitation letters to invite local policy maker  [Coming soon]

Draft press release for media/school newspaper [Coming soon]


General Resources

On-campus Open Access Resources 

Detailed Resources on Open Access, Open Data and Open Education Resources

Two Pagers on Open Access, Open Data and Open Educational Resources

Satellite Event FAQ

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Will you provide a customized logo for my event? 
Yes! To maintain the identify of the conference, we will ask satellite events to use the customized OpenCon satellite event logo.

Is there a deadline for organising satellite events?
There is no hard deadline, but we encourage organizers to plan ahead and get started early. LIve stream watch parties can be planning quickly, but larger events will take more planning.

What do we have to do to be an official satellite event?

You must register your interest here and submit a plan to the organizers to be approved. Then, you’ll be provided a custom logo to use at the event.

Can we obtain local sponsorship?  
Yes – as long as the sponsee is inline with SPARC’s guidelines and OpenCon’s Student and Early Career Researcher organising committee agree. You can request a potential sponsee to be reviewed here.

Can I come to the main event and host a satellite event later?

Yes! Satellite events should be held within 2 or 3 weeks of the the main meeting, so you’ll need to plan ahead!

Could we charge for tickets?

If you chose to charge for an event, that is your decision. However, the event is targeted at students and early career researchers – two groups not known for having much money spare! We require ticket prices to be set at a level which only cover the event costs.

Who is eligible to host a satellite event?

Any group which supports OpenCon’s issue areas of Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data can host a satellite event, provided they have an adequate plan and are approved by the OpenCon Organizing Committee.

Can multiple groups co-host a satellite event?

Yes of course, as long as the groups don’t conflict with the above previous point.

Satellite Event Logistics


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Any and all information on the logistics for running a satellite event in conduction with the main OpenCon 2014 meeting will be provided below.

Schedule and Agenda – [More coming soon]

The webcast part of the conference will run from approximately 9:00AM EST till around 6:00PM EST on November 15th and 16th. We will continue to update this section with the agenda as it’s confirmed.

Details on the webcast – [More coming soon]

The keynotes, panels, and some workshops will be webcast live. We’ll include more details on this as they become available. We are currently aiming to have downloadable versions of the sessions made available within 12 hours of the event.

Webcast back-up plans – [More coming soon]

We know webcasts can sometimes go wrong. We’re putting several back-up mechanisms into place in case the feed is interrupted so you won’t be left without something to watch. This will include call in lines, so at least audio could be heard, back-up video streams and finally a list of compelling videos to screen as a final option. Let us know if you have other ideas to add to this list by emailing joe [at] righttoresearch [dot] org.

Keep you in the loop during the conference

On November 15th and 16th, organisers will be available to field any questions and keep satellite events in the loop on everything happening at the conference. If a session is running late, you’ll know. If a speaker cancels at the last moment, you’ll know. If we’re having technical difficulties, we’ll get you a work around as soon as possible.

Conference hashtag will be #opencon14

Reporting back

We’re very interested to hear what happened at any and all satellite events and to see any pictures or video that is taken. We’ll follow up with you after the event to debrief and get suggestions for the next OpenCon.

Getting Support for your Satellite Event

Satellite Home | Announcement | Event Ideas | Register to Host
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Event Support

We want to do everything we can to help you to pull off events. The first thing to do is get connected, follow us on twitter (here and here) and facebook where we’ll post updates. Once you’ve registered as a host we’ll add you to a group with all the other hosts to share ideas and keep you in the loop on the conference.

We can also provide you mentors from our organising committee, who will help support you further if you need it. Of course, you can always contact us directly with questions by emailing joe [at] On the day of OpenCon 2014, you’ll have a direct line to someone at the conference who’ll be able to ensure you’re not in the dark at any point.

We will also be hosting drop-in calls where you can ask questions about becoming a host or get support for hosting a satellite event you’re already planning.  The times for our scheduled drop-in calls are listed below along with links to join each.

9 -10am GMT+1 on Friday the 18th of July – Click to join (Google Hangout)Call notes

5 – 7pm GMT+1 on Thursday 24th of July – Click to join (Google Hangout)Call notes

8 – 10am GMT+1 on Wednesday 29th of July – Click to join (Google Hangout) Call notes

3 – 5am GMT+1 on Tuesday 5th of August – Click to join (Google Hangout)Call notes

5 – 7pm GMT+1 on Thursday 14th of August – Click to join (Google Hangout)Call notes

10 – 12am GMT+1 on Monday the 21th of August – Click to join (Google Hangout)Call notes

Publicity Support

A key worry about hosting events is always “will anyone turn up?”. It’s good to think very early about how you will advertise the event, both online and in the real world. We won’t leave you unsupported here though! Below is a selection of resources that we will provide in the coming weeks:


  • A web page for your event where you can sign people up, describe the event and provide key details. These will be included in the main OpenCon site. To request one of these head here.

  • Publicity through our social media accounts.

  • Professional, customisable posters which you can use on-campus.

  • Photos and graphics you can use on social media to advertise the event.

  • Any applicants from your area who cannot attend the main event in Washington DC will receive an email advertising the opportunity to attend your satellite event.

If you would like to request support from the OpenCon 2014 organizers, please fill in the form below and a representative will follow up with you shortly.

If there are other ways we can help, please let us know.

Satellite Event Ideas

Satellite Home | Announcement | Event Ideas | Register to Host
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Satellite events are partnered with the main OpenCon meeting in Washington DC, but can be customized significantly. For example:

  • You can time shift the event to suit local times, or hold it on a different weekend.

  • You could invite local speakers, have local workshops and panels as you please in addition to showing selected sessions from the main event.

  • You could hold a shorter meeting, including only the sessions that are most relevant to your institution.


Here are some suggestions of the types of event we’ve imagined:


Small satellite event

  • Book a small room

  • Put on the live stream

  • During workshops host informal discussions on the topics raised,

  • Try to attract 15+ participants

  • Plan a social event for informal discussions after

Large satellite event

  • Book a lecture room

  • Put on the live stream

  • Provide some food

  • Have a structured workshop or local speaker

  • Try to attract 50 participants

  • Organise a simple evening activity


  • Book a lecture room and breakout rooms

  • Put on the live stream

  • Have a few local elements including workshops and talks

  • Try to attract 100+ participants

  • Include some event swag, either sponsored or that you create

  • Include food and drinks after the event

Extras to improve your event

  • Coordinate with your local librarians—very important!

  • Invite local policy makers

  • Put on your own workshops

  • Try and set up a local working group to help organize the meeting

  • Write a blog post

  • Take some pictures and send them in!

Workshop ideas: In the coming weeks, we’ll provide ideas for workshops to consider including as part of your OpenCon 2014 satellite event.

OpenCon Satellite Events


Satellite Home | Announcement | Event Ideas | Register to Host
Get Support | Logistics | FAQ | Resources + Tools

What are OpenCon 2014 satellite events?

OpenCon 2014 Satellite events are events of any size, in any place held in partnership with the main conference (more on OpenCon 2014 here). Last year the conference that OpenCon builds upon—the Berlin 11 Satellite Conference for Students and Early Stage Researchers— had five applicants for every person accepted, so this year we felt it was important to allow more of those interested to participate. That’s what this is all about. We are also interested in using locally organized events to reflect the fact that the conversation around these issues can be very different depending on where they’re had.

Why should you consider hosting an OpenCon 2014 satellite event?

In these pages, you’ll find help every step of the way in planning an event. Here are a few reasons why you might consider organizing an OpenCon satellite event:

  • It’s a great way to kick start or continue to build the momentum for Open Access, Open Education, and/or Open Data in your area and in tandem with others across the world;

  • By providing part or all of the content, it decreases the amount of effort involved in planning a meeting on these issues;

  • You can host the event in a way which suits you—on your own timeline and with your own speakers, policy makers and more;

  • Satellite events are a great way to continue the Open Access Week conversation; and,

  • It’s great experience that allows you to join in a conversation with peers around the world.

Steps for getting started

1. Get in contact and get connected! We can’t support you if you don’t tell us you’re doing an event! If you’re interested in hosting an event head here and get linked up to make sure you get all the info, help and support you need.

2. Have a look around the satellite event pack. You’ll find resources for publicising your event, obtaining sign-ups, information for streaming on the day and more. We’ll keep updating this kit as resources become available so keep checking back.

3. Brainstorm for your event. This is the fun bit! Start to think about what you’d like your event to look like. We’re happy to chat through ideas with you – but remember this is your event. We’ve given you a headstart here though!

4. Get planning! Once you’ve got your ideas together, it’s time to get planning—the sooner the better for a great event. If you need help getting started or hit a hurdle, join one of our drop in calls, or use the support kit provided and request and event mentor.

5. Get the word out and get sign ups. Once you’ve confirmed the day and the necessary details about the event, it’s time to get the word out! We’ll support you with managing signups, providing poster templates, creating an event website, sending publicity emails, and more.  Details can be found here.

Register to Host an OpenCon Satellite Event

Fill in the form below to express your interest in hosting an OpenCon satellite event. Once submitted, an organizer from OpenCon 2014 will follow up with you directly.