Developing Open Data policies | FOSTER

Describes what an Open Data policy covers; discusses the content of a model Open Data policy; gives a practical checklist for developing an Open Data policy; discusses what makes an Open Data policy effective; and analyses existing policies of funders and links to examples.

H2020 compliance of roarmap database

“This web site allows the comparison of any Open Access (OA) policy registered in ROARMAP database with the Horizon2020 funding program OA requirements.

Data are fetched directly from the ROARMAP web site and web API.

The criteria used to determine the level of compliance of a ROARMAP-classified policy with H2020 OA requirements have been documented in this document ….”

The Knowledge Net | PASTEUR4OA

“One of the main aims of the PASTEUR4OA Project was to establish, nurture and build a sustainable future for a network of expert organisations across Europe that could continue the project’s OA (Open Access) policy work after the end of the funding period. This network is called the Knowledge Net.

The Knowledge Net is composed of an expert organisation in each country that has the authority and expertise to engage with policymakers, provide them with information, share best practices and offer guidance and advice where appropriate. These Knowledge Net member organisations are called Key Nodes.

The overall mission of the Knowledge Net has been to promote the development, adoption and implementation of Open Access policies that are aligned with the OA policy for Horizon 2020 by research funders and research institutions….”

Open Access Policy Guidelines for Research Performing Organizations

“The present guidelines aim to assist in the development of efficient Open Access policies among Research Performing Organisations. They have been prepared by the National Documentation Centre and SPARC Europe as part of the work of the PASTEUR4OA project. They provide the context, the process and a model policy that will enable the institutions to devise and implement their own Open Access policy. The proposed policy draws heavily on the UNESCO Open Access policy development guidelines, the MedOANet guidelines for Open Access, PASTEUR4OA work on the efficiency of existing Open Access policies, and the RECODE project policy recommendations for Open Access policies to research data. The proposed policy aims at aligning institutional policies with the 2012 Recommendation of the European Commission and the Horizon 2020 requirements. It follows current good practices in institutional and funder policies, as they emerged from PASTEUR4OA research on policy efficiency, suggesting and obligatory and non-waivable deposit in repositories as the most successful way leading to the growth of Open Access to scientific information….”

Assessing Readiness for Open Access Policy Implementation across Europe

“This report presents a European-wide case study for assessing EU Member State’s readiness for Open Access (OA) policy implementation – and specifically for the European Commission H2020 policy. Aspects like the availability of OA infrastructure, the awareness of OA and the availability of harmonised working procedures and coordination mechanisms are analysed, providing the means to assess the situation of specific countries….”