In a First, Global Climate Models Will Be Made Available Via the Cloud

“Until now, the most advanced climate models have mostly been available to researchers in the wealthiest countries.

New program will see Amazon Web Services’ advanced cloud technologies host 30 climate model simulations and make them available to researchers around the globe….

The resulting free, open access dataset will allow research teams internationally to skirt one of the major barriers to specialized climate modeling, even for those who have the computing capacity to make it happen: cost. Wanser said running the 30 simultaneous simulations would normally cost roughly $700,000, and take two months to run. 

The AWS program will cover all costs associated with hosting and sharing data from the cloud, and accessing and downloading it will be free. Grants will be available to users who choose to analyze or run additional models on AWS.”

Pushing on the Paywalls: Extending Licensed Resource Access to External Partners to Enhance Collaborative Research: The Serials Librarian: Vol 0, No 0

Abstract:  Definitions of authorized users in license agreements not only dictate who is allowed to access licensed resources, but also define who can be considered part of an institution’s user community. Researchers engage in collaborative research, sometimes holding multiple affiliations that, at times, may extend beyond a definition of authorized user. This paper examines how libraries play a role in supporting or inhibiting collaborative research by exploring a strategic partnership between the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to further collaboration related to atmospheric research and climate studies. While the goals of the partnership sought to enhance research and collaboration through access to licensed resources, the authors found that the paywalled model of access through license agreements, authentication, and access and discovery methods has complicated the effectiveness of creating a collaborative research environment.


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“In support of its broad mission to foster science, support its community, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge, UCAR endorses a policy of providing open access to its scholarship [in effect since September 10, 2009]. Open Access means that information is freely accessible online to extend the reach and use of UCAR authors’ scholarly works….”