Open Education Librarian – 21313BR | Work at KU

KU Libraries invites applications for the position of Open Education Librarian. The Open Education Librarian will lead and grow an established open education program and collaborate to support related scholarly communication initiatives in a team-based environment with a strong institutional history of open advocacy and leadership.
The Open Education Librarian will proactively cultivate relationships and engage campus stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, and administration on the knowledge and use of open educational resources (OER) and aligned practices through existing programs and partnerships, as well as through new initiatives of their own design. In addition to leading open education initiatives, they will participate in teams to support related scholarly communication services, such as those pertaining to copyright and fair use, open licensing, open access, and library publishing. The Open Education Librarian is a member of the David Shulenburger Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright and will report to the Head of that office, which is part of the of the libraries’ Research Engagement Division.

Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian (K-State Libraries)

“Kansas State University Libraries invite applications and nominations for a creative, collaborative, and service-minded individual to join our Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship (CADS) as Scholarly Communication and Copyright Librarian. The individual in this position will have a primary focus of leading, educating, and providing outreach for copyright services, open access, and K-State’s Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative, and will help support the Center’s other services. This position reports to the CADS team lead in the Academic Services Department.

Following a May 22, 2018 fire in Hale Library, the university’s main library, the administration, faculty and staff, who had been looking forward to the creation of a first-floor learning commons, have instead reimagined the entire library from the ground up. Vital to the future of K-State Libraries will be strengthened scholarly communication and copyright services.

This is a full-time tenure-track academic appointment carrying full faculty status and responsibilities.  The candidate must have a commitment to scholarly/creative activities and professional service necessary for pursuing tenure at Kansas State University Libraries….”

KU Libraries publish first open textbook | Libraries

“KU Libraries and the Shulenburger Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright continue their commitment to open educational resources (OER) by publishing Dr. Razi Ahmad’s open textbook entitled, ‘Tajik Persian: Readings in history, culture and society.’ This book is available through KU ScholarWorks, KU’s open access digital repository, and is also indexed in the Open Textbook Library, a free online collection of more than 360 openly licensed textbooks curated by the University of Minnesota based Open Textbook Network.

‘It has been a great experience working with all the library faculty and staff who helped me on this project,’ said Ahmad. ‘Tajik is one of the critical languages for which there exist very limited pedagogical materials for elementary and intermediate-level and virtually negligible for the advanced-level students. ‘Tajik Persian: Readings in history, culture and society’ is a modest attempt to provide instructors and students free of cost advanced-level textbook that can be used as the primary or supplementary material in classrooms.’ 

Currently, ‘Tajik Persian: Readings in history, culture and society’ has more than 141 views from nine countries.”

Fossils preserved by Kansas chalk for eons will be digitized and shared via new NSF grant | The University of Kansas

“Not only will the digitization work make the Western Interior Seaway fossils more useful to scientists, but the grant will open up access to the fossil treasures for the public at large. “We’re going to be creating images and providing information about where fossils come from,” Lieberman said. “The public can look at the same resources as a museum researcher, to expand science out to the public more.” The public outreach will center on a new “Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life” intended as an open-access textbook of paleontology. The atlas will feature an online Cretaceous Atlas with at least 800 species from the Western Interior Seaway to be added to the existing Digital Atlas of Ancient Life for the web and an iPhone app. In addition to open-access resources, the researchers will develop K-12 curricular materials from the digitization project as well as providing 3-D scans of the fossils and 3-D models for some classrooms. Additionally, exhibitions based on the grant work are planned at the associated institutions….”

Kevin L. Smith selected to be the next dean of KU Libraries

“Kevin L. Smith, director of copyright and scholarly communication at Duke University, will join the University of Kansas in May as dean for KU Libraries….KU Libraries also continue to be international leaders in open access, becoming the first public university institution in the United States to adopt a faculty-led open access policy….”