Agreement between the University of Idaho and Elsevier

“Elsevier and the University of Idaho have established an agreement to support the university’s authors who wish to publish open access. The agreement provides authors at the University of Idaho with an incentive to publish their articles open access in applicable Elsevier journals. Where an author chooses to publish OA, articles will be made freely available on ScienceDirect under the author’s choice between two reuse licenses: CC BY or CC BY-NC-ND.”

The Argonaut – UI celebrates Open Education Week as movement to adopt open resources picks up pace

“With the beginning of every new semester, one thing never seems to change — college textbooks are expensive, heavy, mostly required and often useless. At the University of Idaho, many are trying to do their part to ease that burden and Open Education Week is an attempt to demonstrate that. ASUI President Max Cowan said signing onto a partnership with OpenStax is one step forward the university has made this semester …”