Dryad news | New at Dryad: Donna Okubo joins the team

“We are so pleased to announce that open access veteran and renowned alliance-builder Donna Okubo has joined Dryad as Strategic Partnership Director and will lead our efforts to expand the Dryad membership among academic and research institutions and funders in the United States.

Donna has an exceptional record working in support of open research, reaching back to 2004 when she joined the Public Library of Science (PLOS). At PLOS, Donna built strategic partnerships and directed a 150-member institutional membership program. And, she led a 30-organization coalition to support the California Taxpayer Access to Publicly Funded Research Act (AB609)–the first state public access bill in the U.S. 

Donna is known for having guided the convening of an international group of funders and other stakeholders that resulted in the formation of the Open Research Funders Group (ORFG), and for co-founding Open Access Week – the global event now in its 15th year. Donna currently serves on the Advisory Committee of the Knowledge Equity Lab at the University of Toronto….”

Dryad news | Invitation to comment: Dryad’s revised membership model for academic and research institutions

“In partnership with our community members, over the next six months Dryad will be piloting a more equitable and sustainable institutional membership model that also allows us to support growing demand and safeguard community ownership of Dryad. We are also standardizing our publisher membership model to align with our values of trustworthiness and inclusion.

We believe these thoughtfully designed models bring mutual benefit for Dryad and our partners, but we expect them to continue to evolve as we co-create a values-aligned, resilient future for Dryad with our community members.

As a community-led, mission-driven organization, Dryad values transparency and very much welcomes stakeholder input on this initiative. 

We therefore invite community comments and questions on our new membership model for academic institutions….”

Good data practices: Removing barriers to data reuse with CC0 licensingDryad news

“Why is CC0 a great choice for open data? Learn to love this frequently misunderstood license waiver.

Authors who submit data to Dryad are asked to consent to the publication of their data under the The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication, more commonly known as CC0. In doing so, authors are being asked to confirm that any materials that have been previously published by another author or working group were published under conditions compatible with CC0 and that they agree to novelly publish any previously unpublished materials under this waiver. 

Given the continually evolving research landscape, our curation team frequently receives questions about what CC0 means in relation to their data. Let’s review the advantages of CC0 as well as some common concerns and misconceptions that we encounter to guide researchers in data sharing and to explain why we only publish data under CC0….”

Dryad in the community: Responding to the Nelson Memo: repository re-curation for open scienceDryad news

“Available to watch now: “Responding to the Nelson Memo: repository re-curation for open science”.

This talk introduces the concept of re-curation with examples from three different types of repositories and research organisations; generalist, institutional, and field stations. Re-curation is the care and feeding of digital content over time, ensuring it remains discoverable, interoperable, and reusable and aligned with the latest standards.

Learn from Dryad partner Ted Habermann of Metadata Gamechangers about the importance of continually improving metadata to support discovery and reuse as standards emerge and evolve.”

Canada demonstrates once again its solid commitment to open infrastructure  – SCOSS – The Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services

“We would like to warmly thank the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) for Canada’s donation to the infrastructures  Dryad, LA Referencia, and ROR of the 4th SCOSS funding round! The donation brings the total of pledges to SCOSS infrastructures over the years to over 5 million euros….”

Switzerland generously supports Dryad, LA Referencia and ROR! – SCOSS – The Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services

“After its impressive commitment in 2022 for our 3rd pledging cycle and its donations to the SCOSS Pilot cycle, Switzerland reaffirms its investment in open science infrastructure and its support to the SCOSS programme by financing the three infrastructures from the most recent cycle: Dryad, LA Referencia and ROR.

Together, the universities of Lausanne, Basel, Zürich, Neuchâtel and Fribourg, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, the Zurich University of the Arts, ETH Zürich, Lib4RI and the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN have raised 121,000 euros, spread over three years, from 2023 to 2025….”

Supporting essential open infrastructure: Dryad selected for SCOSS funding | Dryad news

“With over a decade of experience providing high-quality data publishing, curation, and preservation, Dryad is modeling best practices for research data infrastructure. In recognition of its relevance to the global research community, Dryad has been endorsed by a global consortium of research organizations committed to funding open infrastructure. 

The Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS) selected Dryad for its fourth funding cycle, citings Dryad’s ease of use, not-for-profit status and community governance, standards-compliance, and support for multidisciplinary data. SCOSS brings together a global network of institutions united around the common goal of investing in open infrastructure to support the future of open science. The SCOSS community identified “FAIR Open Access repository services” and “open research data infrastructure and services” as two of the three top funding priorities for the 2022 cycle. Dryad’s advanced data curation and publishing services are well-aligned with these priorities….”

Price change: We’re updating our fee for authors | Dryad news

In recognition of current costs, we’re increasing the Dryad data publication fee to $150, effective January 2023. 

Key points 

The fee for researchers submitting directly to Dryad, and not in affiliation with an institution or journal that covers fees on their behalf, will increase from $120 to 150. 
The increase focuses on cost-recovery, not generating a margin, and is based on an analysis of Dryad costs that was completed in July 2021. (See our latest Annual Report for information on costs).
Between July 2021 and June 2022, over 1,700 individual researchers paid Dryad directly to publish their data. Another 126 were not asked to pay a fee on the basis that they submitted from a country included in our waiver policy or made a special request.
Seven publishers, 17 academic societies & research organizations, and 51 institutions work with Dryad to cover costs for individuals submitting data in affiliation with them. The change does not affect our membership agreements.
The fee was last increased in January 2016….”

Going into fourth gear: SCOSS launches its 4th pledging round – SCOSS – The Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services

” “SCOSS is thrilled to announce the launch of its fourth pledging cycle. Each of the chosen projects is already an established and well-known infrastructure with high usage and making an important contribution to open scholarship. They all need the community support to  foster continued innovation, increased resilience and financial sustainability.” Martin Borchert, Chair of the SCOSS Board.

The time has come! SCOSS is going into fourth gear announcing its 4th SCOSS pledging round with three new Open Science Infrastructure services partnering with us and needing your help in creating a sustainable future for them. After careful evaluation, SCOSS has selected Dryad, LA Referencia, and ROR for this fourth funding cycle. 


We hope that you will consider contributing to one, two, or all three of these carefully chosen Open Science Infrastructures. Let’s work together to build a healthy Open Science ecosystem!…”

Wellcome Trust awards PLOS a grant to test ways to increase sharing and discovery of research data – The Official PLOS Blog

“PLOS has been awarded a grant from the Wellcome Trust’s 2021 Open Research Fund to accelerate development and testing of new solutions that promote and reward open science. PLOS Pathogens will be piloting the latest version of the Dryad data repository, provided free of charge to authors and integrated into the publishing experience, along with prominent visual links on publications designed to incentivise open research practices….”

Dryad appoints Jennifer Gibson as Executive Director | Dryad news and views

“Dryad, the open-access repository and curation service for international research data, has announced that Jennifer Gibson (née McLennan) will join as Executive Director this October. An accomplished non-profit executive and open science advocate, Gibson’s leadership will help Dryad navigate a time of ambitious growth and transformation. …”