The European Court of Human Rights affirmed that hyperlinking is protected free expression. Here’s why we’re applauding. – Wikimedia Foundation

“Hyperlinking is essential to how we learn, collaborate, and communicate on the internet. When the freedom to hyperlink was threatened by a Hungary court ruling, the European Court of Human Rights stepped in to clarify that hyperlinking is an important element of free expression online….”

Impact of Social Sciences – Working with the media can be beneficial but linking to and citing your research should be compulsory

“It’s great when academic research is covered by the media but too often this coverage fails to link back to or properly cite the research itself. It’s time academics insisted on this and Andy Tattersall outlines the benefits of doing so. As well as pointing more people to your work, the use of identifiers allows you to track this attention and scrutinise where and how your research has been used. At a time when academic work is vulnerable to misreporting, such a simple step can help ensure the public are able to view original research for themselves….”