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“Large international scientific publishers are currently enjoying remarkable profit margins. Their business is heavily indebted to the voluntary work of the researchers. The scientific community produces research, usually publicly funded, edits the publications as unpaid volunteers, and then buys back the scientific publications. Publishers have increased the price of publications significantly year by year although in this digital era the trend should be the opposite. In 2015 Finnish research organisations paid a total of 27 million euros in subscription fees and in the future the price looks to be higher still. The hikes in fees are especially problematic at a time when funding cuts are narrowing the scope of opportunity for science as it is. In currently ongoing contract negotiations Finnish scientific libraries are demanding that prices be made more reasonable and open access publishing more prevalent. We, the signatories, support these goals. We are prepared to abstain from refereeing and editorial duties for the journals of the publishers involved in these negotiations if the goals of the Finnish negotiators are not realised.”