June 2022 Librarian Community Call | June 14, 2022

“The Higher Education Leadership Initiative for Open Scholarship (HELIOS) is a network of 77 colleges and universities committed to collective action to advance open scholarship across their campuses. HELIOS takes place within the larger context of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s Roundtable on Aligning Incentives for Open Science (NASEM), which brings together key interested parties — including senior leadership at universities, federal agencies, philanthropies, international bodies, and other strategic organizations — to better incentivize openness, in service of a more transparent, inclusive, and trustworthy research ecosystem. Ultimately, HELIOS and the NASEM Roundtable aim to ensure that as many students, faculty, practitioners, policy makers, and community members as possible have access to, and a voice in, research and scholarship. Join Greg Tananbaum and Caitlin Carter to learn more and discuss how you can be an advocate for these initiatives within your institution.”

OpenCon, July 2021 Librarian Community Call

“Many of our institutions are opening back up for the fall semester, but the pandemic has changed how we interact with students, staff, and faculty on our campuses. Join us on July 13th for a visit from Chelsee Dickson, scholarly Communications Librarian and Librarian Assistant Professor of Library Science at Kennesaw State University to learn about one librarian’s experiences with planning and presenting a series of virtual programming for Open Access Week 2020. She’ll share tips for those looking to do more virtual outreach about open access.


This call brings together all librarians working with, or learning about, all things Open–and gives folks an opportunity to connect with each other to better their work and librarianship.”

Librarian Community Call: the Subscribe to Open (S2O) model

“Join us for the June OpenCon Librarian Call to discuss the Subscribe to Open (S2O) model which has been gaining traction as a sustainable and equitable open publishing model without the headache of contract negotiations. Allison Langham-Putrow, University of Minnesota and Ashley Farley, Gates Foundation will provide an overview of S2O, what you need to know as a librarian, and some of the challenges the model may face. We will leave time for questions and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with S2O.

This call brings together all librarians working with, or learning about, all things Open–and gives folks an opportunity to connect with each other to better their work and librarianship. …”

What’s Next for OpenCon: Putting Equity at the Core – OpenCon

“Today, we’re announcing a shift in how SPARC supports OpenCon to reflect the OpenCon community’s evolution. Instead of hosting a global conference in 2019, we will focus on laying the long-term foundation for the OpenCon community, and will host a reconfigured global meeting in 2020. This decision was driven by the community’s commitment to put equity at the core of its work and represents the culmination of OpenCon’s first five years.

Since launching in 2014, OpenCon has grown from an idea into a global community of next generation leaders working to make research and education more open and equitable. Driven by these emerging leaders, OpenCon has evolved into a global network that has now hosted events in 44 countries and 24 unique languages, reaching more than 9,500 participants. Community members have helped advance open policies at all levels, launched projects and organizations, built new tools, and fostered the adoption of open practices in their local communities. Throughout these efforts, OpenCon’s community has made it clear that equity is essential and inclusion is non-negotiable, and that these values must be built into the foundation of this work—not added on afterward.

From the beginning, the aspirations for open research and open education have been connected to equity: the idea that open systems can be fairer than closed ones and should be explicitly built to address the causes of marginalization. As open research and open education transition from aspiration to implementation, we have an unprecedented opportunity. In redesigning systems for creating and sharing knowledge to be open, we can address deep inequities in the current system….”

OpenCon 2018 Jakarta

From Google’s English: “The OpenCon Satellite event is the OpenCon 2018 event flagship event held in Toronto Canada in collaboration with York University. The OpenCon Satellite Event itself is held in various parts of the world with a total of more than 67 countries in the world. OpenCon 2018 Jakarta is a satellite event held in Indonesia by Open Access Indonesia with a global theme “Empowering the next generation to advance open access, open education and open data.” Meanwhile, the sub theme for OpenCon 2018 Jakarta satellite event is: “Bringing Students Together by Mainstreaming Open Education, Open Access, and Open Data. ”  …”