Open Access at Duke University Press

“Duke University Press strives to contribute to a healthy and equitable scholarly publishing ecosystem in the humanities, the social sciences, and mathematics. For almost a century, we’ve ensured the spread of knowledge by carefully controlling costs and keeping publication prices as low as possible while investing in emerging fields of inquiry and supporting small but critical areas of scholarship.

We believe that the most durable, sustainable way of disseminating scholarship widely is to build a publishing ecosystem that supports all stakeholders—researchers and scholars, authors and editors, libraries, readers, and the engaged public. The diversity of needs and resources across these communities requires a balanced and varied approach to sustaining knowledge production. 

Open access is an increasingly important method of making research widely and easily available, and Duke University Press is proud of our growing list of high-quality open-access books and journals. Because humanities and social sciences scholars do not receive significant external funding, we seek open-access models that do not ask the author to provide the funding for access. Having explored several approaches, we have concluded that no single model is universally applicable or guarantees sustainability. 

Duke University Press participates in several open-access publishing initiatives, each of which we believe to have the community commitment and support to keep critical scholarship open and available. Our approach is one of thoughtful consideration of each model in light of the particular characteristics and requirements of each project.

We welcome well-considered, innovative proposals for new models of sustaining open-access publications….”

Open Access: Project Euclid | Duke University Press News

“We have created a series of five blog posts covering open access at Duke University Press. Today’s post features Project Euclid, a not-for-profit hosting and publishing platform for the mathematics and statistics communities, managed jointly by Cornell University Library and Duke University Press. Here Leslie Eager, Director of Publishing Services for Project Euclid, shares more about the platform and the ways it supports open access in the mathematics and statistics world.

Our goal at Project Euclid is to make mathematics and statistics publications easy and affordable to find and read online. Supporting open-access publishing is a huge part of that mission. About 70% of Project Euclid is open access.


With Project Euclid the idea is to provide low-cost but feature-rich hosting services for journals, books, and conference proceedings so that publishers can keep the scholarship affordable and widely available to libraries and researchers while sustaining themselves financially. We partner with math and stats publishers around the world.”