Millions of Images From Ebony and Jet Magazines Will Soon Be Accessible to All

“Ownership of the Johnson Publishing Company Archive, which includes the photographic archives of Ebony and Jet magazines, has been formally transferred jointly to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) and the Getty Research Institute. Sold for $30 million in 2019, academics, archivists, and artists were reassured to learn that the vast trove would pass into the hands of institutions committed to preserving and facilitating public access to it after extended anxiety that it would be won at auction by private collectors….”

Getty opens access to 30,000 images of black diaspora in UK and US | Photography | The Guardian

“A collection of almost 30,000 rarely seen images of the black diaspora in the UK and the US, dating from the 19th century to the present, has been launched as part of an educational initiative to raise awareness of the history of black people in the UK.

The Black History & Culture Collection includes more than 20 categories of images including politics, hair, education, female empowerment and LGBTQ+….”

Quire: Getty’s Open-Source Digital Publishing Tool | 11 November 2021 | Open Publishing Fest

NOVEMBER 11, 2021, 6:00 PM UTC

Quire: Getty’s Open-Source Digital Publishing Tool

“Developed by Getty, Quire is a multiformat, digital publishing tool optimized for high-quality, visual publishing. It is designed to ensure that digital books are not only as beautiful and object-like as print books but are equally as enduring. Quire uses static site generation to ensure the longevity and sustainability of publication content. It also increases publication discoverability through its unique multiformat output capabilities. Quire was developed with a built-in understanding of high-quality scholarly publishing and best practices. Elements like high-resolution images, linkable footnotes, pop-up references, and page-level citations are baked into Quire’s core code….”

Getty Publications: how Quire is creating solutions to open access publishing – MuseumNext

“In anticipation of MuseumNext’s Digital Collections Summit next week (4-6 October) we caught up with Erine Cecele Dunigan, Community Manager for Quire, an open-source digital publishing tool developed by Getty.

Erin will be giving a talk on Wednesday 6 October entitled, Open Access: Getty’s Approach to Digital Collection Catalogues….

Quire is a modern digital publishing tool developed by Getty. It’s ideal for creating dynamic publications in a variety of formats, including web, print, and e-book. In addition to being optimised for scholarly and visually rich publishing, Quire books are designed for longevity, sustainability, and discoverability.

Getty originally conceived Quire as a solution to its open access publishing needs, but the tool quickly gained the attention of other organisations within the fields of digital humanities, arts, and academia. While access is currently available for free upon request, we will be launching as a fully open-source publishing tool by Spring 2022. Open-sourcing Quire will enable others to leverage the work Getty has done to create, customise, and distribute critical digital scholarship online, at a low cost, and with little ongoing maintenance….”