The Association of American Publishers Files Suit Against the State of Maryland Over Unprecedented Encroachment Into Federally Protected Copyrights

The Association of American Publishers (AAP), the national trade association for the U.S. publishing industry, today filed suit against the Maryland Attorney General seeking to enjoin and overturn an unconstitutional Maryland law that directly conflicts with the federal Copyright Act by forcing any publisher, domestic and foreign, to make their literary works available to Maryland public libraries in electronic book and audiobook formats according to timing, pricing, and other terms mandated by the state under threat of penalty.

Associate Director, Content and Discovery

“The Associate Director, Content and Discovery is a member of the Library’s senior management team. This position provides stewardship of the Welch Medical Library’s collections through creative leadership and manages the evolving environment of scholarly communication, open access, and open science. This position oversees metadata creation and remediation, ontologies, schemas, and standards. This position directs the Collection and User Services departments including Acquisitions, Cataloging, Collection Development, ILL/Document Delivery, and Access Services. As a member of the Library’s senior management team, the Associate Director shares responsibility for determining the future course of the Welch Library, including both strategic and operational planning. This position reports to the Director of the Library.”

Director of the Science Policy Coordination, Collaboration & Reporting Division (NIH Office of Science Policy)

The Office of the Director (OD), Office of Science Policy (OSP) is looking to fill a Supervisory Health Science Policy analyst position to serve as the Director of the Science Policy Coordination, Collaboration & Reporting Division. In addition, the incumbent will also serve as a senior advisor to the Associate Director for Science Policy providing development, planning, analysis, and management over a range of science policy issues across the spectrum of biomedical research….


Open Access at UMBC – ScholarWorks@UMBC – LibGuides at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

“The Faculty of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is committed to disseminating its research and scholarship as widely as possible. In particular, as part of a public university system, the Faculty is dedicated to making its scholarship available to the people of Maryland and the world. Furthermore, the Faculty recognizes the benefits that accrue to themselves as individual scholars and to the scholarly enterprise from such wide dissemination, including greater recognition, more thorough review, consideration and critique, and a general increase in scientific, scholarly, and critical knowledge. In keeping with these considerations, and for the primary purpose of making our scholarly works widely and freely accessible, the Faculty adopts the following resolution.

To facilitate open access scholarly communication Faculty members are encouraged to seek venues for their works that will disseminate research and scholarship as widely as possible. In particular, when consistent with their professional development, members of the Faculty should endeavor to:

  • Amend copyright agreements to retain the right to use his or her own work and deposit such work in the Maryland Shared Open Access Repository (MDSOAR,, or another depository, which is freely accessible to the general public;
  • Submit a final manuscript of accepted, peer-reviewed publications to MDSOAR whenever consistent with the copyright agreement; and
  • Seek publishers for his or her works committed to free and unfettered access (open access publishers) whenever consistent with his or her professional goals.

This resolution applies only to scholarly works authored or co-authored by a member of the Faculty since the adoption of this resolution. This resolution does not in any way prescribe or limit the venue of publication. This resolution neither requires nor prohibits the payment of fees or publication costs by authors.”

University System of Maryland Encourages Researchers to Consider Benefits of Open Access to Their Works – USM

“The University System of Maryland (USM) institutions have released a “Statement Supporting Open Access Dissemination of Scholarship,” a joint statement created by the university libraries of all 12 USM campuses. Councils representing the faculty, students, and the presidents of USM’s universities have collectively endorsed the statement. The statement explains the potential benefits to researchers who choose to make their works “freely available online either immediately upon completion, or within specified limited periods.”…”

Workshop on Reproducible Research Practices and the Open Science Framework | Data Management Services

“Please join us for a workshop, hosted by the Center for Open Science and JHU Data Management Services, to learn easy, practical steps researchers can take to increase the reproducibility of their work.

The workshop will be hands-on. (Please bring a laptop if possible.) Using an example study, attendees will actively participate in creating a reproducible project from start to finish.

Topics covered include:

  • Project documentation
  • Version control
  • Pre-analysis plans
  • Open source tools: in this specific instance, the Open Science Framework to easily implement these concepts in one easily accessible space”