Some Notes on Editing a Scholarly Journal | Everything is Connected

by Ernesto Priego

I haven’t posted anything here in a while. The pandemic, changes in the social media ecosystem and a heavy workload have kept me away from this blog. I had forgotten I had handwritten these notes in one of my notebooks and I thought I’d type them up and share them here. They are based on my personal learning as a journal editor for over a decade. As personal notes lifted from a paper notebook they are unedited*, biased, imperfect and incomplete- they are not meant to be a manifesto nor a ‘hot take’. The repetitions are intentional. Implementing any learning is hard, and it’s been interesting to revisit these notes. We are all in a process of becoming and continous learning. I have many more handwritten notes on my notebooks from previous years that I may, or not, also share here eventually.


Substance Consortium

“In 2016 the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (CoKo), SciELO and Érudit partnered to form a consortium committed to supporting and integrating Substance. In July 2017 eLife joined as well. The idea of the consortium is to create a common-pool resource whose development is driven by community needs. Everybody is invited to join! PKP’s Juan Pablo Alperin described the need for this consortium: “We recognize that web-based multi-party editing of structured documents is needed in the authoring, editing, and production workflows of knowledge creation, and believe that we can best ensure Substance serves all these needs by coming together to support them. We hope that by making this commitment, others will recognize that there is more to gain from jointly supporting Substance’s work rather than building local or custom solutions that cannot easily be used by others.” …”