We invite you to join us in Monemvasia! – Editoria

We are ridiculously excited to announce that the next version of Editoria is here! It has everything: 18 community-proposed new features, as well as a complete rebuild of the application against the new PubSweet, upgrade of Wax, enhanced xSweet and extended Paged.js! It’s more functionally elegant, more beautiful, more stable, and faster than its predecessor version….”

Increase transparency by adding CRediT to workflow with PubSweet : Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

In the PubSweet Community we are about contribution and reuse. Meanwhile, the CRediT taxonomy is all about transparently recognizing contributions to research. As such, we are pleased to announce that CRediT is implemented within CalTech’s Wormbase Micropublications platform, which is developed using PubSweet. This means that all other organizations within the community who are also building PubSweet platforms can leverage this modular component in their workflow. This is what we mean when we say that contributed components enrich the offering (and can speed development time) for all organizations joining and developing platforms subsequently….”

Announcing Europe PMC’s PubSweet-based End-to-End Manuscript Submission workflow coming soon! : Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

“Europe PMC plan wide rollout of their full, end-to-end manuscript submission workflow using PubSweet technology, later this month! We’ll share more information as it becomes available on this and other PubSweet community projects, so please check back often….”

Notes From Our All Things Coko Meeting in London : Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

“From December 5 – 7, the Coko community and those curious to learn more about us convened in London for presentations, discussions, user centered design sessions, even an update Book Sprint for our PubSweet book. The best summary of the week is to say that All Things Coko truly were on display, and open for discussion!

On the 5th, around 50 attendees from funding organizations, publishers- both society and commercial, service providers, industry consultants and thought leaders came together to learn more about  Coko and be introduced to PubSweet and to view the platforms being constructed using this cutting edge open source infrastructure.


Attendees watched break out demonstrations of xPub-Hindawi, xPub-eLife, eLife’s Libero, xPub-Collabra, Editoria, Wormbase’s Micropubs platform, and xPub-Europe PMC in the high-energy ‘speed-geeking’ sessions….

Key highlights from the day include:

  • There are nine different platforms being built from the PubSweet platform tool-kit, representing four separate use cases: journals, books, aggregator, micropublications
  • There are service providers stepping up to offer Coko software as a hosted service
  • The change in culture in working on shared, open source solutions is a communication challenge, one we can work together to address….”

PubSweet Enters the Game – Book Sprints

“We have been developing a new platform for the rapid and collaborative development of books. Its called ‘PubSweet’ and will be released under an Open Source license shortly. It is a very lightweight framework for online book development and is intended to be very modular and very simple to use and extend. We have been using it for a while and will clean up the design and a few bugs and get it out there….”


“PubSweet is a free, open source toolkit for building state-of-the-art publishing workflows.

It’s designed to be modular and flexible, consisting of a server and client that work together, components that can modify or extend the functionality of the server and/or client, and a command-line tool that helps manage PubSweet apps.

PubSweet is being used for book publishing, and academic journal production and preprint management services are in development. By drawing on the growing library of components, PubSweet can be used to rapidly create bespoke publishing systems. If the existing components don’t completely meet your needs, you can focus development on building new components to provide just the new functionality needed. Join the PubSweet community and help us build a common resource of open components for publishing by contributing components back….”

New PubSweet release – Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

“PubSweet is a framework for building applications for knowledge production. Today we’re announcing its latest iteration. A few months ago we announced an alpha release of PubSweet and an example application built with it, the PubSweet Science Blogger. Since then we’ve made really big steps to make PubSweet more powerful and easy to use….”

Substance Consortium – Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

“Last year, the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (CoKo) partnered to support an open source ecosystem for knowledge creation and dissemination. Today, we are proud to announce that, in conjunction with Consortium Érudit, we are taking another concrete step towards this common goal. Our three organizations have identified Substance, a JavaScript library for web-based content editing, as a critical piece of infrastructure, and are inviting others to join us in a consortium to support Substance.

A consortium of organizations committed to supporting and integrating Substance will lead to the creation of a common-pool resource whose development is driven by community needs. We recognize that web-based multi-party editing of structured documents is needed in the authoring, editing, and production workflows of knowledge creation, and believe that we can best ensure Substance serves all these needs by coming together to support them.

By standing behind Substance, PKP, CoKo, and Érudit are declaring to all interested parties that we are invested in having an open source, general-purpose document editing toolkit that can be integrated into each of our own systems and workflows. We hope that by making this commitment, others will recognize that there is more to gain from jointly supporting Substance’s work rather than building local or custom solutions that cannot easily be used by others….”

Editoria – Scholarly Monograph Platform – Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

“Since the second quarter of this year, we have been building a platform with the University of California Press and the California Digital Library. Initially, we were a small team – Kristen, Jure, and Adam – and we were tasked with designing and building an open source monograph production platform with our good friends at UCP and CDL. 

It was an ambitious undertaking as we were building the platform against the yet-to-exist PubSweet backend, and we were also in need of deciding what our design and build paradigm would be, and who was going to do the actual work. In short, we needed to design a platform, build the backend platform on top of which we were to build the Editoria platform, plus find a team….

We proceeded in what is emerging as ‘the Coko way’. We used and supported existing open source projects where we could (Substance and Vivliostyle), we invented open source technology and processes that made sense to us, and found talented people to work with that we also liked….”

Hindawi partners with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation to develop open science tools | About Hindawi

London-based, open access publisher Hindawi Limited announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) to develop open source publishing tools.

Hindawi joins the Coko community’s work on the PubSweet framework, an open source platform for scholarly journals. Hindawi becomes the latest major partner in the PubSweet initiative, following earlier announcements from the University of California Press and eLife.