In wake of cuts to federal research funding, UW develops new research submission tool · The Badger Herald

“University of Wisconsin staff have developed a new service to assist faculty researchers in maintaining compliance with federally mandated reporting guidelines and public access requirements when publishing their work.”

Recent Developments in US Federal Open Access Policies: FASTR Moves Slower – Copyright Clearance Center

“On July 26, H.R. 3427, the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR), was reintroduced in the US House of Representatives by Michael Doyle [D-PA-14]. This was followed by a similar bill in the Senate, S. 1701, reintroduced there on August 2 by Sen. John Cornyn [R-TX]. Essentially similar versions of these bills have been placed in the legislative hopper for three sessions now, introduced by mostly the same Senators and Representatives.

In 2013, under the Obama Administration, the introduction of FASTR was accompanied by an Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) policy guidance memorandum which required all Federal agencies with annual R&D award budgets over $100 million to develop plans to support “increased public access.””

Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Overhaul Federal Research Grant System | American Institute of Physics

“On Oct. 18, Paul introduced the “BASIC Research Act,” which would make several changes to peer review processes and would broaden public access requirements for grant applications and research results….In addition, the bill incorporates almost all of the “Fair Access to Science and Technology Research (FASTR) Act” …”