Paradigm Publishing Service’s University Press Library Embarks on a Sustainable Open Access Initiative for University Press Monographs | De Gruyter

“Paradigm Publishing Services, the newly founded publishing services division of academic publisher De Gruyter, is taking a significant stride forward in shaping a financially sustainable business model for open access book publishing for its partner presses. In response to the call from the scholarly community, Paradigm Publishing Services, comprising the University Press Library Group and Ubiquity in collaboration with their publishing partners and libraries, proudly announces the launch of the University Press Library Open (UPLO), a comprehensive open access initiative and eBook platform hosted by Ubiquity with a central focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

UPLO leverages insights gained from previous open access eBook initiatives such as TOME, Luminos, and Opening the Future while uniting the collective influence and prestige of more than 50 university press partners and over 115 participating libraries, in addition to other vital stakeholders, including consortia, aggregators, vendors, and authors. This community-driven approach enables Paradigm Publishing Services to distribute the financial responsibilities more equitably across the scholarly publishing ecosystem, ensuring the long-term sustainability of open access book publishing.

At the core of UPLO lies eBound, a not-for-profit foundation established by De Gruyter in 2022 with the mission to champion the publishing, sustainability, and accessibility of mission-driven scholarly monographs for not-for-profit and open access publishers….”

De Gruyter introduces Paradigm Publishing Services | De Gruyter

“De Gruyter, a global publisher in the humanities and social sciences, is proud to announce the creation of a new dedicated division, Paradigm Publishing Services. The new division offers publishing solutions to meet the unique needs of publishers in the humanities and social sciences as well as in scientific associations, societies, and library publishing programs. At a time when achieving global accessibility while upholding financial sustainability is paramount, Paradigm Publishing Services aims to aid publishers in adapting and revitalizing their business strategies and publishing operations.

Under the leadership of De Gruyter Inc. President Steve Fallon and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the Paradigm team will uphold a worldwide presence through established De Gruyter brands, including open access providers Ubiquity and Sciendo as well as the University Press Library Group. Leveraging the comprehensive range of products, services, and talent available across these units, Paradigm is committed to offering an innovative approach that maximizes the potential of its portfolio….”

Deciding on an Open Access Book Publishing Platform: Ubiquity and the Start of Open Access Book Publishing at the University of Westminster Press – Open Access Books Network

Welcome to a series of blog posts by publishers, talking about the platforms they use to publish their open access books. In these posts, a range of different presses tell us what platform they use, why they chose it, and how it fits (or occasionally doesn’t quite fit) their work.

The second post in the series is by Andrew Lockett, who was Press Manager at the University of Westminster Press from February 2015 to August 2021. He is a freelance publishing consultant and editor working across trade and academic sectors including via Reedsy, for non-fiction and fiction book titles. Most recently he guest edited a special issue of Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture on ‘Publishing the Internet and the Commons’ and has written several journal articles on publishing and media topics.


Perspectives on Medical Education transfers publishers to ]u[ Ubiquity Press | STM Publishing News

“International journal Perspectives on Medical Education (PME) has moved publisher, transferring from large, traditional publisher Springer Nature to the fully open access and open-source publisher ]u[ Ubiquity Press.  Since its initial launch 40 years ago, PME has sought to adapt itself to its ever-changing environment, including switching from Dutch-language to English and becoming open access in 2012. It has fast become a top journal in its field, receiving 941 submissions in 2021 alone, with a 2022 impact factor of 4.113 and a five year impact factor of 4.086.  Dr. Erik Driessen and Lauren Maggio, editor-in-chief and deputy editor-in-chief of PME, explain : “our editorial team decided in 2022 that moving the journal to a fully open access publisher was necessary in order to ensure the journal remained aligned with our core beliefs and values, including transparency and openness. Moving to ]u[ Ubiquity Press has not only ensured this, but has allowed PME to make space for more publications.” ”

New chapter for Aberdeen University Press | The University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen University Press (AUP) has entered a major new phase in its history by becoming an online and fully Open Access university press.

The University has signed a contract with ]u[ Ubiquity to provide services to support our open access research publishing activities, and will become part of the international Ubiquity Partner Network.

This will enable the Press to extend its portfolio beyond its existing focus on Scottish culture and literature, to a wide range of disciplines and also interdisciplinary research.

By joining the Ubiquity Partner Network of University and Society Presses, AUP will be able to adopt and disseminate best practice in the Open Access publishing sector.

PLOS Joins Other Publishers and Societies in Support of the Proposed White House Policy Regarding Federally Funded Research

Note: PLOS and other prominent organizations delivered the following letter to the Trump Administration on January 17, 2020. We encourage all publishing organizations and scholarly societies who would like to join us in support of OA in the USA to reach out to us at — we can prepare an expanded letter with more signatories as necessary. Please also consider voicing your support on social media with the hashtag #OAintheUSA.

Hyku Open Source Institutional Repository Development partnership awarded $1M Arcadia grant to improve open scholarship infrastructure | UVA Library News and Announcements

“The University of Virginia is pleased to announce a two-year award in the amount of $1,000,000 from Arcadia—a charitable fund of philanthropists Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin—in support of the “Advancing Hyku: Open Source Institutional Repository Platform Development” project.

Through this project, the University of Virginia and its partner institutions—Ubiquity Press and the British Library—will support the growth of open access through institutional repositories. Working with the global open infrastructure community, the partners will introduce significant structural improvements and new features to the Samvera Community’s Hyku Institutional Repository platform….”

New open access publisher competes through quality and efficient dissemination – the first HUP monographs will be released this year – Think Open

“The University of Helsinki’s own open access publisher Helsinki University Press (HUP) has refined its publishing and service processes and is preparing to publish its first books this year. HUP will also publish scientific journals in the future….”

Ubiquity supports Plan S to make open access the standard by 2020

“Ubiquity welcomes the announcement of ‘Plan S,’ launched earlier this month by cOAlition S. This promising new initiative comes from 11 national funding organizations with the support of the European Commission and the European Research Council. We share the excitement of many organizations within the Open community, such as SPARC EuropeLIBER, and OpenAIRE, about this ambitious push to make open access the standard in academic journal publishing by 2020….”

Ubiquity Press to Pilot Open Source Repository Services

“We’re excited to announce that we are expanding our commitment to open access by providing hosted repositories. Starting in January 2018, we will be piloting two full-featured repository systems: Hyku and Invenio. Hyku is community-developed as a turnkey Samvera application and Invenio is developed by CERN. Our repositories will be open source, cloud-based, and fully integrated with our publishing and conference systems.”

Ubiquity Press

“Hyku and Invenio. Hyku is community-developed as a turnkey Samvera application and Invenio is developed by CERN. Both systems are modern, attractive and well-suited for both traditional and non-traditional content. Bring together your theses, articles, research data, and software under one high-quality repository….All repositories we host will be fully open source. We guarantee to transfer the entire installation to a host of your choice if you decide to switch platforms. …”