COAR Annual Meeting 2023: Costa Rica on May 16-18 | Confederation of Open Access Repositories

“COAR is pleased to announce that the COAR Annual Meeting 2023 will take place in Costa Rica on May 16-18, 2023. The meeting will be hosted by Consejo Nacional de Rectores (CONARE) and is being jointly organized by CONARE, COAR, and LA Referencia.   The theme of the meeting is Sustainability and Innovation in Scholarly Communications. This location is the perfect backdrop for such a meeting as Costa Rica is a leader in environmental sustainability, with 99 percent of its energy from renewable sources. Moreover, Latin America has been a beacon for both sustainability and innovation in our field, with a long history of publicly-funded publishing infrastructure and collective approaches to scholarly communications….”

Equitable access to COVID-19 diagnostics, vaccines and treatments

“In the interests of global public health, we ask you to commit to the following steps:

• Impose public interest conditions on all UK funding committed to develop COVID19 vaccines, treatments and diagnostics. These should ensure the final product is affordable, accessible and available for everyone who needs it, within the UK and developing countries. This can be done by stipulating that there should be no monopolies or exclusivities attached to any medical products developed using UK public funding. Furthermore, conditions should include full transparency in all stages of R&D, including registration and public reporting of clinical trial data, R&D costs, manufacturing costs and product prices. Any contracts agreed with companies and partners using public funds should also be made publicly available.

• Make a public statement in support of the proposal from the President and Minister of Health of Costa Rica for the WHO to create a global pooling mechanism for rights in COVID19 related technologies for the detection, prevention, control and treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Where patents, monopolies or exclusivities already exist on medical products that are potentially useful for tackling COVID-19, the UK government should issue crown use licenses where necessary to ensure scale up of production and ensure affordable access to these products. COVID-19 is unprecedented as a public health emergency, and access to these medical products cannot be restricted by intellectual property rights.”

U.N. agency says coronavirus emergency could trump some patent rights – Reuters

“Francis Gurry, director-general of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), said that during an emergency, health and safety “trumps everything”.

World Health Organization (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday that he backed a proposal by Costa Rica’s President Carlos Alvarado to “create a pool of rights to tests, medicines and vaccines, with free access or licensing on reasonable and affordable terms for all countries”….”

Big drugmakers under pressure to share patents against coronavirus | Financial Times

“Drugmakers are facing mounting calls to give up their patent rights for potentially life-saving treatments and vaccines for coronavirus as authorities worldwide race to curb the pandemic’s death toll. The heads of the World Health Organization and Unitaid, a UN-backed group funding global health innovation, have welcomed a proposal devised by Costa Rica for companies voluntarily to pool their intellectual property for all medical interventions — including treatment, vaccines and diagnostics….”

WHO Director General ‘Welcomes’ Costa Rica Call For Pooled Rights To COVID-19 Treatments; G-20 Pledges Broad Support To Emergency Response – Health Policy Watch

“World Health Organization Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has welcomed the call by Cost Rica’s President, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, for WHO to launch an initiative that would “pool rights to technologies that are useful for the detection, prevention, control and treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic.”…”

WHO asked to create voluntary intellectual property pool for Covid-19 work

“Seeking to widen access to medical products for combating Covid-19, the Costa Rican government has asked the World Health Organization to create a voluntary pool to collect patent rights, regulatory test data and other information that could be shared for developing drugs, vaccines and diagnostics.

The move comes amid a worldwide race to fight the novel coronavirus, but also mounting concerns that some products may not be accessible for poorer populations. By establishing a voluntary mechanism under the auspices of the WHO, Costa Rican officials are hoping to create a pathway that will attract numerous governments, as well as industry, universities and non-profit organizations….”

DEADLINE APPROACHNG, 1 OCTOBER: Applications for CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science, San José, Costa Rica, 2-13 December 2019 – CODATA

“This school provides early career researchers (at MSc-level to 3 years after their PhD) from the Latin American Region with the necessary set of foundational data science skills to enable them to analyse their data in an efficient and effective manner for the 21st century.


The material covered here is fundamental to all areas of data science and hence open to researchers and professionals from all disciplines that deal with significant amounts of data. The goal is to provide a practical introduction to these topics with extensive labs and seminars….”

My journey towards Open Science | Research Data at Springer Nature

“CODATA-RDA schools changed my career, making me a more responsible researcher but also an Open Science ambassador for the Central American area. I now aspire to be a young researcher that can teach Open and Data Science principles through my job at the University of Costa Rica and through the CODATA-RDA Schools, as well as also serve as a mentor for other people that want to learn how to practice Open Science.”