L’accés obert en els centres de recerca CERCA: anàlisi de la producció científica i de les polítiques de suport a la publicació en obert

From Google’s English:  “The first part of this research begins with an overview of the situation current state of scientific communication. Subsequently, the interest in it is justified thematic focusing on research centers. The purpose is presented below of this thesis, the research techniques used, the information search strategies bibliographic material used and the structure of the manuscript. This section concludes with a statement of the issue of open access and research policies and a presentation of the centers CERCA and the I-CERCA institution in the research system of Catalonia.”

Mercè Crosas, de Harvard a secretària de Transparència i Govern Obert | exterior

From Google’s English:  “After 17 years at Harvard University (United States), Mercè Crosas Navarro has been appointed Secretary of Transparency and Open Government, which belongs to the Department of Foreign Action and Transparency of the Catalan government. Until now he had served as head of research data management at Harvard University and head of the office of data science and technology at the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science.”

Pla de Govern XII Legislatura

From Google’s English (p. 54): “Improve the bases and coordination of everything Knowledge system to enhance your Impact on all activities in the country and contribute thus making possible a knowledge society….Establishment of a Catalan strategy on open science, which defines the forms implications of open access to knowledge and data.”