Open Science course available on new knowledge platform | NWO

“NWO teamed up with the Research Council Norway (RCN) and the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) to create an open science course. This course was offered last year to employees of NWO and RCN. Its content is now available to anyone through an open knowledge platform set up by CWTS….”

About the Platform – Open Science Knowledge Platform

“Over the course of 2022, CWTS organised a seminar series on Open Science, together with the research councils of the Netherlands (NWO) and Norway (RCN). The main audience was composed of policy officers within the two councils and connected professionals interested in the subject. The series was designed around four individual seminars:

Introduction to Open Science;

Open scholarly communication;

Open data, software and infrastructures;

Recognition & rewards, and responsible research assessment….”


Open Science Knowledge Platform: A Journey to a Dynamic Resource – Leiden Madtrics

“Open science has gained significant momentum over the past few years, with various movements and initiatives emerging to promote sharing of scientific knowledge, data, and resources with the wider community. Open science is a broad term encompassing a range of practices that strive to increase transparency, inclusivity, and accessibility in science. The expected benefits of open science are manifold, from accelerating scientific progress, enhancing scientific rigour, promoting responsible research, and ensuring public trust in science.

With that in mind, the research councils of the Netherlands (NWO) and Norway (RCN) joined hands with CWTS to organize a seminar series on open science throughout 2022. The seminars aimed to enrich and expand the understanding of open science within the agencies, focusing on programme and policy officers and connected professionals interested in the subject.

Aware of the challenges to reaching all those interested within NWO and RCN, we decided to create a knowledge platform to store and share the content from the seminars so they could be attended asynchronously. Moreover, recognizing the value of the produced content to a broader audience, we decided to put the idea of openness into practice, making the platform open to the public….”

CWTS :: Scientometrics Using Open Data

Open data sources such as Crossref, DataCite, ORCID, OpenAlex, OpenCitations, and many others offer important opportunities to perform scientometric analyses in more transparent, inclusive, and reproducible ways. The course Scientometrics Using Open Data in our CWTS course program provides an introduction to the use of these open data sources. The next edition of the course will take place online in October 2023. The course is offered jointly by CWTS and the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI)….

Compared with proprietary scientometric data sources, open data sources enable more responsible approaches to the use of scientometric information in research assessment and research policy. The course Scientometrics Using Open Data aims to provide a practical introduction to open scientometric data sources and their use in research assessment and research policy contexts. The course focuses on the following topics:

The landscape of open data sources
Strengths and weaknesses of open data sources for different use cases
Accessing and using open data sources
Applications in research assessment and research policy
Future trajectories – deciding when open data sources will be the right choice for your use case…”