Quarterly OA Digest – June 2020 – Jisc scholarly communications

“As we move towards what we hope will be a loosening of lockdown and a reduction in the risk from the coronavirus itself, we are starting to see the wider damage that has been done to our HE sector and our economy as a whole. We do not know what the new normal will be, or when that stability will arise. Institutions have different ideas as to how they might work over the next year, but prominent amongst all of them is an increased reliance on remote access, remote presence, and serious and sustained cost saving. There will be increased pressure on libraries to show enhanced support at reduced cost. Open access is at the heart of all of these issues. We will continue to work hard to give our members the best value we can in our services to save them time and money in dealing with open access issues. As reported here, Jisc is returning to renegotiate national publisher contracts in line with the changed environment. We have completed the first round of supplier evaluations for the repository dynamic purchasing system to try and identify the best value for members. We are working across services to help members in policy compliance and improve system efficiency and workflows. As ever, contact us if we can assist you through our services, advice, relationships or information and we will do our best to help….”

IRUS-UK collaboration: consistent, comparable usage statistics to demonstrate the growth of OA | Jisc scholarly communications

“IRUS–UK is a standards-based statistics aggregation service, enabling UK universities to share and compare information about usage of items in their institutional repositories. Conforming to the COUNTER standard, statistics are consistent and comparable to enable benchmarking of repository usage both nationally and internationally.

Standardised usage statistics are important in order to monitor and demonstrate Open Access developments globally. In addition to providing a core service to UK institutional repositories, IRUS-UK has collaborated with other services and initiatives on an international basis to enhance the provision of COUNTER conformant usage statistics and demonstrate the benefits of standardised approaches. In this respect, IRUS-UK:

  • has pioneered development of a service that exploits use of the COUNTER standard
  • provides the ability to track the growth of usage of repository-based items on an increasingly global scale, thereby contributing to the Open Access agenda…”