Christine Fruin Named President-Elect of the Library Publishing Coalition | Atla

“Atla Scholarly Communication and Digital Projects Manager, Christine Fruin, has been named President-Elect for the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC). Starting on July 1, Christine assumed her role as President-Elect and will begin her role as President beginning July 1, 2021. 

As an attorney and a librarian, Christine has worked for over a decade, promoting access to and use of diverse collections through the utilization of fair use, open access, and responsible licensing. She oversees the Atla Open Press publishing program, Atla LibGuides, and the Atla Digital Library, among her many projects with Atla….”

Journal Best Practices Checklist: LPC – Google Docs

“This document organizes LPC’s resources related to journal publishing into a best practices ‘checklist.’ It isn’t comprehensive or authoritative, but will hopefully provide a starting point. With the exception of the Shared Documentation, all resources listed are freely available. New resources will be added to this list as they are created. In the meantime, we suggest also keeping an eye on the Library Publishing Workflows project, which is investigating and documenting journal publishing workflows in libraries. …”

Library Publishing Workflows | Educopia Institute

“Educopia Institute, the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) and 12 partner libraries are embarking on a two-year project to investigate, synchronize, and model a range of workflows to increase the capacity of libraries to publish open access, peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Most library publishers have developed services in response to local needs, and initial workflows are generally home-grown, varied, and idiosyncratic. This represents a missed opportunity for comparative analysis and peer learning; it also yields frequent omissions of crucial workflow steps, such as contributing metadata to aggregators (essential for discovery and impact) and depositing content in preservation repositories (necessary for a stable scholarly record). The workflow model envisioned in this project will help libraries provide a strong alternative to commercial publishing for a wider range of journals, representing a significant advance in the development of open and academy-owned scholarship….”

Building Capacity for Academy-Owned Publishing through the Library Publishing Coalition

Abstract:  Library publishing is both a growing area of interest in academic libraries and an increasingly visible subfield of scholarly publishing. This article introduces the field of library publishing—and the opportunities and values that make it unique—from the perspective of the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC). The LPC is an independent, community-led membership association of academic and research libraries and library consortia engaged in scholarly publishing, and it is the only professional association dedicated to this emerging area of librarianship. In its first five years, LPC has produced a robust set of resources to support library publishers, including the annual Library Publishing Forum, the annual Library Publishing Directory, and a variety of freely available professional development resources. It has also built a strong community of members and an extended network of affiliates. This paper presents and contextualizes these accomplishments and shares new developments and future directions for the Library Publishing Coalition.