News & Views: Spotlight on Open Access Hosting Platforms – Delta Think

“Regular readers of News & Views know that we at Delta Think track open access journal launches as a way to monitor industry and discipline-specific trends in Open Access. There is no doubt that demand—by virtue of the proliferation of OA journals needing hosting—is increasing. But what about supply?

There are several well-established hosting platform service providers who support mixed model content portfolios (e.g., Atypon, Highwire, Ingenta, PubFactory, and Silverchair). There are also new entrants on both the commercial and not-for-profit side who have scaled their core businesses to include hosting (e.g. River Valley Technologies and SPIE).

Today, however, we’re looking at a third segment of the hosting market—platforms that have been developed specifically and exclusively for open access content. We asked three hosting platform providers —Cambridge Open Engage (from CUP), Phenom (from Hindawi Limited), and Libero (developed by eLife and supported by the Libero community)—to tell us about their evolution as an OA hosting platform and their view of the future….”

eLife introduces first demonstration of the open-source publishing platform Libero Publisher | For the press | eLife

“eLife is pleased to announce the first working example of its open-source journal hosting and post-production publishing system, Libero Publisher.

The demo showcases some of the essential components of a journal on Libero Publisher, including a homepage and research articles with author lists and affiliations, figures and references. Additional features are being added weekly, sometimes daily, as the platform evolves quickly to accommodate increasingly complex content types.

Libero Publisher is designed to help publishers deliver beautifully presented content to readers on any device, wherever they are. It is just one component of Libero, a community-driven and open-source platform of services and applications being built to help content providers do more with everything they publish….”

Welcome to the Libero Demonstration Journal – eLife Libero

“The Libero community is pleased to present a demonstration of Libero Publisher to exhibit the progress we’ve made so far and to gather feedback as we continue to iteratively develop new features. Being an open-source platform for scholarly publishing, the components of Libero Publisher have always been available for use and downloadable from GitHub. But, if you’re not familiar with cloning code repositories and running software containers, it can be difficult to track the project’s progress due to the lack of visible milestones. This is why we’ve taken the time to showcase some great examples of compatible journal content on a brand new instance of Libero Publisher at

We have selected examples from journals of different sizes and disciplines, and will continue to grow the example set as more publishers test their content on the platform or new features are added. You’ll recognise the examples as scholarly articles with titles, authors, keywords, abstracts, content and figures. Other elements will continue to be added, and you can keep track of what to expect next on our public roadmap:….”

In Publishing: The latest on the open-source publishing platform Libero | Inside eLife | eLife

In a webinar on March 11, the team at eLife gave an update on Libero Publisher – one component of the open-source publishing technology suite eLife is building – and how publishers, libraries and developers can collaborate on the project….”

In publishing: Discover the latest on the open-source publishing platform Libero and how to get involved | Events | eLife

On Monday, March 11, we invite you to come and learn more about eLife’s Libero – a suite of services and applications that help scholarly content providers do more with everything they publish.

Libero encompasses the open-source, end-to-end publishing workflow that eLife is developing, both for its own purposes and to help other organisations looking to modernise and increase efficiency for their operations. Current projects that fall under the Libero umbrella include Libero Reviewer (being developed in concert with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) and others), the content production tool Texture (developed with Substance Software GmbH), and Libero Publisher (eLife’s content delivery platform)….”