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“On Nov. 17, 2022, University of Oregon Executive Vice President Janet Woodruff-Borden said UO will pause its subscription journal package with Elsevier Publishing Company at the end of 2022 in an email announcement….

UO partnered with Oregon State University and Portland State University, who also subscribe to Elsevier’s journal package, to negotiate prices with Elsevier. All three universities ended their subscriptions after failing to reach an agreement….

The three universities were looking to cut the cost of each of their subscription packages by 50%, which Elsevier was aware of going into negotiations, Bowman said….


Part of the disagreement between Elsevier and universities was that Elsevier was charging the same price, even though many of its articles were open access, Dave Fowler, a collection management librarian at UO, said. In other words, anyone could have access to certain Elsevier published content without paying a subscription to Elsevier….

Because of the contract lapse, students and faculty may experience delays in having access to requested Elsevier articles, Salaz said. “In the long term however, we are confident that students, researchers and scholars everywhere will benefit from a system that doesn’t exploit academic labor for excessive profit,” she said….”

Elsevier negotiations suspended – library plans and alternative ways to access articles « The Erlenmeyer Flask

“You have probably just read the Provost’s announcement that we are suspending our negotiations with Elsevier for the remainder of this year.  We did not make this decision lightly. Our Elsevier contract represents more than one-fifth of our entire collections budget at OSU, and we know that this decision will be disruptive. We do think that this action is an important step towards the sustainable future we described, and the Faculty Senate affirmed, in our Principles Guiding Negotiations with Journal Vendors. 

We are taking steps to ensure that everyone in our OSU community can continue to get the resources they need to do their work from the library. I’m going to outline some of these steps here, and I encourage you to consult this resource guide for more information.  There you will find important background, information on using alternative services to access articles, and a FAQ about the Elsevier negotiations. Check back often, this resource guide will be regularly updated….”

[Letter to Oregon State U colleagues on cancellation of Elsevier]

“OSU’s librarians, together with colleagues from the University of Oregon and Portland State University, have been working for several months to negotiate their respective contracts with Elsevier, one of the world’s most profitable scholarly information providers. I’m writing to provide an update on the status of those negotiations.

Upon the recommendation of the negotiations team, OSU is suspending negotiations for the remainder of this year. This means that as of January 1, 2023, OSU will no longer have immediate subscription access to Elsevier journals. We will take this action for the reasons outlined below. My provost and executive vice president colleagues at UO and PSU have each indicated they are taking similar action and will no longer have immediate subscription access to Elsevier journals at the new year for similar reasons….”

OSU, PSU and UO Libraries initiate negotiations with Elsevier | Libraries | Oregon State University

Oregon State University Libraries, Portland State University Library, and the University of Oregon Libraries are entering into contract negotiations with Elsevier for journal access in 2023, and for up to three years beyond that. For the sake of transparency, we want to reach out to our respective campuses to provide you with the goals we hope to achieve with this renewal cycle.

OSU Libraries and Elsevier, one of the world’s major providers of scientific, technical and medical information | Libraries | Oregon State University

“In early 2019, OSU Libraries began to prepare for its negotiations with the global publisher Elsevier for a possible 2020 contract renewal. The preparation has focused on discussing scenarios with contract partners at the University of Oregon and Portland State, examining Oregon State’s usage of Elsevier content, and gathering data about OSU faculty who are Elsevier editors and authors.

Just last week, the University of California System terminated its subscriptions with Elsevier after months of negotiations failed. The UC system is not the first large research institution or system to walk away from a big deal with a major STEM publisher, but this event has certainly caught the attention of higher education institutions across the United States and Canada. …

Looking ahead, OSU Libraries will begin working with the Faculty Senate Library Committee and the senior administration at OSU to share information about Elsevier usage and costs as well as desired contract terms. We recognize the need to reach out to the OSU research community to keep faculty and graduate students informed, so we expect to host conversations and forums in the coming months to discuss the issues and possible outcomes. Please look for invitations to stay informed and be engaged in OSU Today and on the Libraries’ website….”