Introducing PREreview Communities

“We see PREreview Communities as elements of an interconnected network of preprint reviewers, each with its own shared purpose, rules, and components—all working together towards a shared goal. This goal is to build a better research culture, one where everyone regardless of their career level, identity, cultural and educational background, is empowered to share their constructive feedback openly, is valued, and is recognized for their contributions….”

eLife and PREreview partner to promote greater diversity in peer review | For the press | eLife

“eLife is pleased to announce today a new partnership with PREreview to engage more researchers from diverse backgrounds in peer review.

eLife and PREreview – an open project aimed at bringing more equity and diversity to the scholarly peer-review system – collaborated on a number of new initiatives last year. These included live-streamed preprint journal clubs, which brought together scientists globally for a series of virtual discussions around research posted as preprints. eLife also supported the pilot of PREreview Open Reviewers, an online peer review mentoring program that empowers early-career researchers to contribute to scholarly review.

With eLife at the cusp of exclusively reviewing manuscripts deposited as preprints, the two organisations are now continuing their joint efforts to involve more early-career researchers, and researchers from communities that are traditionally underrepresented within the peer-review process, in the public review of preprints. PREreview will work with eLife to extend the series of preprint journal clubs and develop a framework for scaling the PREreview Open Reviewers program to reach more research communities globally. They will also help create new ways to increase the engagement and use of eLife’s early-career reviewer pool….”

Preprint Journal Club: In partnership with PREreview | Events | eLife

“eLife is pleased to be running a monthly preprint journal club with PREreview, a platform for the crowdsourcing of preprint reviews.

Each month the eLife editorial team will select a preprint for discussion which is currently under review at eLife. The live streamed journal club will then discuss the preprint, providing constructive feedback. These comments will be aggregated, shared as a PREreview and also incorporated into the review comments the authors receive as part of their review at eLife….”

Outbreak Science Rapid PREreview • Home

“Outbreak Science Rapid PREreview is a web application for open, rapid reviews of outbreak-related preprints.

On this platform you can:

Find rapid reviews of existing preprints;
Request reviews of preprints (your own, or preprints you are interested in);
Review preprints.

This open project is funded by the Wellcome Trust as a collaboration between Outbreak Science and PREreview.

Outbreak Science is a non-profit organization aiming to advance the science of outbreak response. Outbreak Science supports early and open dissemination of data, code, and research.

PREreview is an open project fiscally sponsored by the non-profit organization Code for Science & Society. PREreview’s mission is to increase diversity in the scholarly peer review process by empowering all researchers to engage with preprint reviews….”