AIP Publishing Launches Subscribe to Open Pilot in Two Flagship Journals – AIP Publishing LLC

“AIP Publishing is excited to announce the launch of a pilot program for the Subscribe to Open (S2O) model in two of its most esteemed journals, Physics of Plasmas and Journal of Applied Physics.

The pilot, which reflects AIP Publishing’s commitment to equity, accessibility, and open science, is set to launch in 2024.

The S2O model helps publications and publishers bridge the transition into open access (OA). It works like this: Current subscribers are offered continued access to their publications through the normal subscription process. If enough subscribers renew, that year’s content for those publications is then flipped over to OA. Importantly, all of this is done without service disruption, additional costs, or extra effort on the part of the community. Subscribers need only to renew their subscriptions normally, and the articles are made OA at no direct cost to authors….”

Science By All, For All: AIP Publishing Expands APC Waiver and Discount Policy

“AIP Publishing is pleased to share that it has expanded its article processing Charge (APC) Waiver and Discount Policy, making Gold Open Access (OA) publishing more accessible to and equitable to researchers from lower- and lower-middle-income countries….”

Majority of early career researchers in physical science want to publish open access, but face financial barriers

“A new global study from AIP Publishing, the American Physical Society (APS), IOP Publishing (IOPP) and Optica Publishing Group (formerly OSA) indicates that the majority of early career researchers (ECRs) want to publish open access (OA) but they need grants from funding agencies to do so….

67% of ECRs say that making their work openly available is important to them. Yet, 70% have been prevented from publishing OA because they have not been able to access the necessary monies from funding agencies to cover the cost. When asked why ECRs favor OA publishing, agreeing with its principles and benefitting from a wider readership were cited as the top two reasons….”

AIP Publishing Joins Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA) to Expand Access to Research – AIP Publishing LLC

“AIP Publishing has joined the Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA) to boost the discoverability of scholarly research and increase its impact by making journal article abstracts open and findable.

I4OA is a collaboration between scholarly publishers, librarians, researchers, and infrastructure organizations, to promote availability of journal-article and book-chapter abstracts in trusted repositories where they are open and machine-accessible. Through the Crossref infrastructure, I4OA brings abstracts together in a common format in a searchable cross-disciplinary database. This provides opportunities for analysis via text mining, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence….”

Ann Michael joins AIP Publishing as Chief Transformation Officer – AIP Publishing LLC

“AIP Publishing announced today that Ann Michael has joined the organization in the new role of Chief Transformation Officer. She will report to CEO Alix Vance as part of AIP Publishing’s executive management team.

Michael is charged with increasing organizational velocity, flexibility, and strategic alignment in data and analytics, new product development, and ongoing product operations….

Michael joins AIP Publishing after more than a decade as Founder and CEO of Delta Think, Inc, a strategic consultancy in scholarly communications working with influential organizations across the scholarly publishing ecosystem. She has also served as Chief Digital Officer at PLOS and has held several board and advisory roles in nonprofit, commercial, and startup organizations. Since the start of her career, Ann has been passionately interested in organizational evolution and working with organizations that are data driven and future focused.”

AIP Publishing to Launch Two Fully Open Access Journals in 2022

AIP Publishing (AIPP) is pleased to announce the addition of two new titles to the growing family of Open Access (OA) journals. APL Energy and APL Machine Learning will join a portfolio that also includes APL Materials, APL Photonics, and APL Bioengineering – three high-impact Gold OA journals that advance open science while preserving the diversity, quality, and financial sustainability of the peer-reviewed publishing upon which our research community depends. The journals will open for submissions in mid-2022 and start publishing by the end of 2022.

Remote Access to During COVID-19 Pandemic

“To support global research during the COVID-19 pandemic, AIP Publishing is temporarily making content freely available to scientists and students who register on We also have several solutions for remote access available for our institutional customers.

AIP Publishing is committed to providing global researchers in the physical sciences with the information, service and support they need to work effectively during this extended stay-at-home period. For additional support, please contact our customer service team….”

Continuing a Publishing Dialogue on Open Science – AIP Publishing LLC

“Some key points we asked OSTP to consider include:

To accelerate open science, researchers need to be incentivized to publish open access and to share their data. Changes to the academic assessment system may be required.
Publishers make significant investments in validating research through peer review and making it discoverable and available in perpetuity. Focusing on making the peer-reviewed manuscript publicly accessible unreasonably ignores the intellectual property and investment the publisher has made into the peer-reviewed author accepted manuscript and the final published version of record (VOR).
Preprints (such as those on the arXiv preprint server) provide immediate access to research results while supporting peer-reviewed journals to fulfill their role of registration, certification, dissemination, and preservation. We encourage OSTP to consider asking Federal agencies to require the deposition of preprints of federally funded research to an appropriate repository as an alternative to making the VOR open without an embargo.
There is a role for publishers and scholarly societies to work with funders to develop standards for data and code, and to develop interoperable systems and processes for storing, sharing and finding data.

The response from AIP Publishing can be read here….”