Christian Gutknecht on Twitter: “5 months after my FOI request, we finally know what the @unil and the @HEPVaud is paying for Elsevier. #openaccess @OpenScienceUNIL @freiedokumente @smetille” / Twitter

From Google’s English:  “Your correspondence received on October 11, 2020 has captured our full attention. We have the pleasure to send you the requested information contained in the following document:

• Read & Publish pilot agreement between swissuniversities and Elsevier (“Elsevier

Subscription Agreement ”) for the years 2020-2023, page 12.

The amount that the BCU Lausanne will pay for the perimeter of the University of Lausanne (incl.

HEP Vaud) for the years 2020-2021-2022-2023 for this license amounts to:

2020: EUR 1’229’064.32

(excl. VAT)

2021: EUR 1’253’645.61

(excl. VAT)

2022: EUR 1’281’728.45

(excl. VAT)

2023: EUR 1’307’248.11

(excl. VAT)


We specify that the 2022 and 2023 prices are estimates because they are subject to correction in

according to the effective number of articles published by the University of Lausanne in 2020 and 2021.

Within the meaning of article 12 of the law of 24 September 2002 on information (Llnfo; BLV 170.21),

we are required to provide you with an answer within 15 days of the

receipt of your request. However, given the difficulty in obtaining validations

required, we inform you that we have rendered our decision upon receipt of the

written confirmations from the Data Protection and Right to Information Authority and

the Administrative and Public Law Court of the Cantonal Court that no appeal has been registered.

In compliance with article 11 Llnfo, we hereby confirm that no fee

you will not be asked for the work done to date following your request.”

swissuniversities Open Science Action Plan: Kick-Off Forum – EPFL

“The open science working group initiated by swissuniversities in 2019 aims to broaden the open access strategy and its action plan in order to put Open Access, Open Data, Open Innovation, Citizen Science and Open Education under the umbrella of Open Science, from 2021 onward. This requires direct and close cooperation with all stakeholders, and in particular with the scientific community.

To promote the exchange and to gather fresh, inspiring and visionary ideas, swissuniversities invites you to the Kick-Off Forum of the Swiss Open Science Action Plan 2021-2024. This event will take place at the Forum Rolex of EPFL on Thursday October 17th, one day ahead of the Open Science Day, an event that is part of the EPFL 50th anniversary celebrations….”