“Transformative” Agreement Bingo | Brianne Selman

“Big Deal for APCs – Can’t unbundle/ researcher expectations

Fees are not transparent/ proportionate to work done

Convoluted models & management (especially w/ “pretansformative”)

Encourages and increases hybrid journals

Global rise in OA has been Green or Diamond

Can’t afford for every publisher

Adds publishing costs to Library budgets

Too expensive to do for smaller publishers

Where is the “Transformation”?

Even Sweden is out

Only an option for richer institutions/ countries

Shifts inequity to authors


Contributes to APC hyperinflation

Makes OA the prestige option / incentives exclusion

May promote publishers w/ TAs over those without

Further locks in prestige for those who can pay

Locks in increasing profit margins

Encourages further market consolidation and increases dependency

Further redistribution of public money to private entities

Leads to an erosion of varied publishing methods

Pushes out diamond OA publishers

Publishing governed by shareholders, not scholars

Investing in unethical data companies

Seize the means of production”


Oh My Git! An open source game about learning Git!

Oh My Git! is an open source game that introduces players to the popular version control system “Git”. It is highly interactive, and aims at building intuition for operations like “merging” or “rebasing” branches. Players are guided through the features of Git step by step – each level tells a little story where the player can use their new-found powers to solve problems or help others.

Oh My Git! is available for all major operating systems on itch.io, and has been downloaded over 2000 times as of February 2021.


bleeptrack and blinry, a creative duo from Germany

In development since
September 2020

Latest release
February 2021 (version 0.6.0)

Windows, macOS, Linux

Free! Open source, made with the Godot Engine <3


Health libraries: sharing through gaming | Journal of EAHIL

Abstract:  Information science is a fast-changing field, and medical librarians need to develop their roles to meet the users’new requirements. The professional development becomes a major challenge, not only regarding the core activities, but also in the way librarians and users can learn in a more innovative way. In order to invent new tools for training, a group of librarians with different backgrounds decided to create a game inspired by the “Bucket ofdoom”, which is described as a “Card game that meets storytelling with a sprinkling of comedy”. This adapted version for health libraries will face players with real professional situations. To overcome each challenge and have fun, librarians must use their experience and imagination with a high dose of creativity and humour.