Building a Plan S-compliant journal list in QOAM

“In addition to the categories ‘fully OA’, ‘no-fee’, and ‘discounted’, QOAM now provides an initial list of Open Access journals that meet the mandatory technical conditions of Plan S. Preparing QOAM for the implementation of Plan S has been made possible by donations of Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and the Fair Open Access Alliance.

The technical Plan S conditions are:

Use of persistent identifiers (PIDs) for scholarly publications (with versioning, for example, in case of revisions), such as DOI (preferable), URN, or Handle.
Deposition of content with a long-term digital preservation or archiving programme (such as CLOCKSS, Portico, or equivalent).
High-quality article level metadata in standard interoperable non-proprietary format, under a CC0 public domain dedication. Metadata must include complete and reliable information on funding provided by cOAlition S funders (including as a minimum the name of the funder and the grant number/identifier).
Machine-readable information on the Open Access status and the license embedded in the article, in standard non-proprietary format.


Publishers wishing to see their journals included can send a mail to QOAM’s Contact box stating that the attached list of journals (eISSNs suffice) meets the technical conditions of Plan S. The journals will then be added to the list after a check of a random sample of journals….”